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  WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011 [PS3]
Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
If in doubt, flat out. (Platinum): Unlock all Trophies.
Safari Legends (Bronze): In The Road to the WRC, win the Legends Of Rally Championship - Event.
Historic Italian Job (Bronze): In The Road to the WRC, win the Historic Italian Job - Event.
Great Scott! (Bronze): Complete an upgrade research in 'The Road to the WRC'.
Teamwork (Bronze): In 'The Road to the WRC', increase the team level of development up to 23.
Employee of the Month (Bronze): In 'The Road to the WRC', increase the staff level of efficiency up to 25.
Show off the style! (Bronze): In The Road to the WRC, unlock the sponsor Rally Style.
No Mercy! (Bronze): In 'The Road to the WRC', fire 10 co-workers in your Office or Garage.
Buddying Mechanic (Bronze): Spend a total of 10 minutes in the Car Setting section of the menu
Beat the Man to be the man! (Bronze): Beat Sébastien Loeb in a Single Player - Single Stage match
Your speed is melting the snow! (Bronze): Complete a Single Player - Single Rally match in Sweden using Kimi Räikkönen in first position.
Historic Victory (Bronze): Complete a Single Player - Single Rally match in first position with a WRC Group B car.
Power is with you. Always. (Bronze): Complete a Power Stage in an offline Championship in first position.
Sinister Appearance (Bronze): Upload one of your ghosts on the online Leaderboards.
Ghost Hunters (Bronze): In Time Attack mode, complete a race against one of the ghosts you have downloaded.
Let it be a lesson to you! (Bronze): Successfully complete one of the lessons in the WRC Rally School.
No friends in race! (Bronze): Complete a Hot Seat - Single Rally match against three other players in first position.
Super Special Duellist (Bronze): Win 10 Super Special Stages in Online matches.
Yes, you can! (Bronze): In an Online lobby, vote for the Special Stage that wins the voting.
Event Planner (Bronze): Create a Lobby in the 'Create Match' page and start the race.
Heads-Up Specialist (Bronze): Reach level 30 in the Super Special Stage Online Ranking.
Player of Age (Bronze): Reach level 18 in the Hall of Fame Online Ranking.
Racing Time (Bronze): Reach 30 cumulative minutes of race in valid Online Matches.
Rolling Rolling...Rawhide (Bronze): Roll over the car.
El Mariachi (Bronze): Put down a cactus in Mexico.
Take it! (Bronze): Enter the Photo Mode, take a photo and save it.
Hairpin Addicted (Bronze): Sa Linea 1 - Drive the first sector in less than 45 secs performing at least 6 secs of drift.
Drive fast or drive home (Bronze): Reach 225 Km/h (139 mph) on a Special Stage.
The best thing a man can do... (Bronze): drive sideways. At least it's the best thing he can do dressed! Slide for 35 metres (115 feet).
Gravity is for Losers (Bronze): Perform a jump of at least 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) in height.
Know your limits... to pass them! (Bronze): Win a Single Player - Single Stage match in using the Advanced Driving Style only.
New Borns (Bronze): Reach 30 used manual respawns in the offline statistic page.
I Never Give Up! (Bronze): In an offline Special Stage with P.Solberg, gain at least 5 positions from one sector to the next.
Eternal Return (Bronze): Use the Rewind effect in any game mode.
Homo Faber Fortunae Suae (Bronze): Complete a Special Stage in first position using a Car Settings preset you've created.
Can't touch me! (Bronze): Complete a valid Special Stage without any damages. No Respawns or Rewind effects are allowed.
Ace of the Race (Silver): Successfully complete all the challenges in the WRC Rally School.
Knockout! (Silver): In 'The Road to the WRC' complete in first position one of the Super Special Stage tournaments.
World Tour (Silver): Complete a valid rally in Argentina, Australia, Jordan, Mexico & Greece in the same Championship.
European Tour (Silver): Complete a valid rally in Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain & Portugal in the same Championship.
The Perfect Storm (Silver): Storm all the challenges of the WRC Rally School.
Tireless Boxer (Silver): Reach level 50 in the Super Special Stage Online Ranking.
Eat dust, bleed gasoline (Silver): Reach level 50 in the Hall of Fame Online Ranking.
Horsepower Overload! (Silver): In 'The Road to the WRC' get all the upgrades on one of your cars.
The Advent of the New King (Gold): In 'The Road to the WRC' complete the WRC Championship in first position.
Grand Slam (Gold): Complete all the events of 'The Road to the WRC' in first position.

Additionally there are five secret trophies.
Building Up the House (Bronze): Enter the second season of 'The Road to the WRC'.
Pimp my Car! (Bronze): Change the livery and the three colours of one of your cars in 'The Road to the WRC'.
Four Seasons (Bronze): Enter the fourth season of 'The Road to the WRC'.
Time to sign autographs (Silver): In 'The Road to the WRC' achieve Reputation Level 70.
Official Driver (Silver): In 'The Road to the WRC' complete the first rally of the WRC Championship.

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