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  Kinect Fun Labs [Xbox 360]

Bobble Head
Baker's Dozen (10 points) - Share 13 times.
It's All in Your Head (5 points) - Share with your friends.
Look Ma, I'm a Bobble (5 points) - Share with
Dress It Up (5 points) - Create a Bobble with a costume.
Message in a Bobble (5 points) - Hit a Bobble and trigger a voice.
I See You! (5 points) - Complete Player Scan.
Costume Party (5 points) - Create a Bobble with every costume.
Bobble Head Pro (10 points) - Create 25 unique Bobbles.

Build A Buddy
Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime? (10 points) - Shared 10 times.
Multiple Personalities (5 points) - Built all eight buddy personalities.
Toot Toot! (5 points) - Held a crouch for 5 seconds.
Meet My Buddy (5 points) - Shared a video on your Friends Feed.
Buddy, You're A Star! (5 points) - Shared a video to
Getting To Know You (5 points) - Discovered all of your buddy's behaviors.
It's ALIVE! (5 points) - Brought an object to life.
Build A Buddy Pro (10 points) - Build 25 buddies.

Googly Eyes
Staring is Caring (10 points) - Shared 10 times.
Making Eye Contact (5 points) - Shared with a friend.
I Only Have Eyes for You (5 points) - Shared with
Lights, Camera, Action! (5 points) - Acted out a scene.
Feelin' Queasy (5 points) - Bounced googly eyes for 20 seconds.
You Lookin' at Me? (5 points) - Created a puppet.
Optometrist (5 points) - Try every configuration of eyes.
Googly Eyes Pro (10 points) - Create 25 puppets.

Kinect Me
Magic Mirror (5 points) - Scanned your head.
Nice Outfit (5 points) - Scanned your body.
Set the Stage (5 points) - Chose your own background.
Spread the Word (5 points) - Shared with
Nice to Meet Me (5 points) - Shared with your friends.
Chameleon (5 points) - Shot in front of every background.
Celebrity (10 points) - Shared 10 photo shoots with your friends.
Kinect Me Pro (10 points) - Posed for 25 photo shoots.

Avatar Kinect
Hello World (5 points) - You told 'em all about it.
Two's a Party (5 points) - Chat it up with a buddy.
Circle of Friends (5 points) - Drum circle with four friends.
I Want My Two Minutes (5 points) - Late night with me.
To Be or Not to Be... (10 points) - Post 10 soliloquies of great social importance.
Rock the House (5 points) - Get the band back together and rock the house.
Lights, Camera, Action! (5 points) - Cue the emotes!
Avatar Kinect Pro (10 points) - Cult following.

Kinect Sparkler
Posed for Perfection! (5 points) - Create your first 3D background.
Spark Me Up! (5 points) - Make your first Sparkler drawing!
Look, I'm an Artist! (5 points) - Share with friends.
Twinkle Twinkle I'm a Star! (5 points) - Share with
Sparkler Sensation! (10 points) - Share 10 times.
Team Spark! (5 points) - Create a background with more than one person!
Sparkler Pro (5 points) - Create 15 images.
Sparkler Master (10 points) - Create 25 images.

Musical Feet
Glissando! (5) - Perform a Keyboard Slide
I'm Famous! (5) - Share with
Look, I'm a Musician (5) - Share with friends
One Man Band (10) - Play with every sound
Play a Duo (10) - Play a custom sound with a friend (primary player rewarded)
Recording Artist (10) - Record a sample and play it back with the keyboard
Rock Star (5) - Create 10 videos

Air Band
Get the Set List (5) - Play each of the five songs in one play session (primary player rewarded)
Guitar Star (5) - Play both left and right handed guitars in one song (primary player rewarded)
Hyper Active (5) - Reach maximum activity level on any instrument (primary player rewarded)
Making it Big Time (10) - Share a performance containing all three instruments (primary player rewarded)
One Man Band (5) - Play each of the three instruments in one song (primary player rewarded)
Orchestral Manoeuvres (10) - Two players perform each combination of instruments in one song (primary player rewarded)
Promo Shot (5) - Share a photo on (primary player rewarded)
Video Virtuoso (5) - Share a video on (primary player rewarded)

Battle Stuff
All Pro (10) - Created 25 fighters
And the Winner Is... (5) - Won a match against an AI opponent
Bring It On (5) - Got 4 wins with 1 fighter
Keepsake (5) - Shared with
Last Man Standing (5) - Defeated an opponent using a super move
Meet the Challenger (5) - Shared with friends
Ready to Tumble (5) - Scanned an object
Rock, Paper, Scissors. (10) - Blocked all 3 moves in 1 match

Junk Fu
5000 Score (5) - Reach a score of 5,000
Break Away (10) - Reach a score of 20,000
Chop-O-Matic (5) - Blast through 40 screens of objects without missing
Cupcakes (5) - Burn 18 calories in a single game
Dinner Mint (5) - Burn 3 Calories in a single game
Learn To Share (5) - Share an epic victory picture with your friends
Pizza Party (10) - Burn 35 calories in a single game
The Image of Victory (5) - Share 10 epic victory pictures

Kinect Sparkler
Look, I'm an Artist! (5) - Share with friends
Posed for Perfection! (5) - Create your first 3D background
Spark Me Up! (5) - Make your first Sparkler drawing!
Sparkler Master (10) - Create 25 images
Sparkler Pro (5) - Create 15 images
Sparkler Sensation! (10) - Share 10 times
Team Spark! (5) - Create a background with more than one person!
Twinkle Twinkle I'm a Star! (5) - Share with

Mutation Station
Back to Reality (5) - Experience your first complete transformation (primary player rewarded)
Capture the Magic (5) - Share a photo on (primary player rewarded)
Cinematographer (5) - Share a video on (primary player rewarded)
Fire Both Barrels (5) - Activate the second transformation beam (primary player rewarded)
Happy Bending (5) - Bend your body as much as you can in two directions (primary player rewarded)
Little and Large (5) - Fully inflate and fully deflate your head (primary player rewarded)
Perfect Professor (10) - Discover each of the different transformation effects in one play session (primary player rewarded)
Serial Shapeshifter (10) - Share content three times in one play session (primary player rewarded)

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Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. In ALL cases this is a FALSE ALARM as NONE of the Game Trainers @ GCW contain known malicious code! More info in the PC Games FAQ!