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  Sonic Generations [Xbox 360]
Statue room
Enter the Collection room and hold Back for five seconds to enter a trap hole that takes you to the Statue room. Once there, you can enter the following passwords to unlock the statues.

Statue / Password
Aero-Cannon 329494
Amy Rose 863358
Big the Cat 353012
Blaze the Cat 544873
Booster 495497
Buzz Bomber 852363
Capsule 777921
Chao 629893
Chaos Emerald 008140
Charmy Bee 226454
Chip 309511
Chopper 639402
Classic Eggman 103729
Classic Sonic 171045
Classic Tails 359236
Cop Speeder 640456
Crabmeat 363911
Cream the Rabbit 332955
Cucky/Picky/Flicky/Pecky 249651
Dark Chao 869292
Dr. Eggman 613482
E-123 Omega 601409
Egg Chaser 200078
Egg Fighter 851426
Egg Launcher 973433
Egg Pawn 125817
Eggrobo 360031
Espio the Chameleon 894526
Goal Plate 933391
Goal Ring 283015
Grabber 275843
Gun Beetle 975073
Gun Hunter 668250
Hero Chao 507376
Iblis Biter 872910
Iblis Taker 513929
Iblis Worm 711268
Item Box 209005
Jet the Hawk 383870
Knuckles the Echidna 679417
Metal Sonic 277087
Miles "Tails" Prower 632951
Moto Bug 483990
Omochao 870580
Ring 390884
Rouge the Bat 888200
Sandworm 548986
Shadow the Hedgehog 262416
Silver the Hedgehog 688187
Sonic the Hedgehog 204390
Spinner 530741
Spiny 466913
Spring (Red) 537070
Spring (Yellow) 070178
Vector the Crocodile 868377
Sonic The Hedgehog level select

Start the classic Sonic The Hedgehog, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, followed by A after Sonic appears at the title screen.

Play as Super Sonic
Defeat the final Boss to play as Super Sonic in the Classic and Modern stages.

Original Sonic The Hedgehog game
Purchase the Sega controller from the shop found to the left of Green Hill Zone. Take the controller to the Sega console found in the top left area of Green Hill Zone.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
The Opening Act (10 points): Race through the first stage.
All Stages Cleared! (50 points): Clear Sonic Generations.
Greased Lightning (10 points): Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.
Bright Star (15 points): Get Rank S in an Act.
Shooting Star (20 points): Get Rank S in three Acts.
Blazing Meteor (30 points): Get Rank S in seven Acts.
Blue Comet (40 points): Get Rank S in twelve Acts.
Big Bang (50 points): Get Rank S in all Acts.
Trickstar (10 points): Pull off a seven or more trick combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.
Eradicator (15 points): Defeat 100 enemies.
Ring King (15 points): Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.
Action Hero (10 points): Perform all of Sonic's moves in Act 2.
Bonds of Friendship (10 points): Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic's friends.
Walkie Talkie (10 points): Chat with each of Sonic's friends you have saved.
Join the Ranks (20 points): Join the rankings.
A 30-Second Test (20 points): Participate in a 30 Second Trial.
Mad Skillz (30 points): Get all Skills.
(Hedge)Hogging It All Up! (50 points): Get all collectibles.
Time Attacker (30 points): Play Ranking Attack on all stages.
Red Ring Collector (30 points): Get all Red Star Rings.
Halfway Point (30 points): Clear half the Challenge Acts.
Mission Accomplished! (30 points): Clear all the Challenge Acts.

Additionally there are twenty seven secret achievements
SKY SANCTUARY Restored! (15 points): Restored the SKY SANCTUARY Stage Gate.
SPEED HIGHWAY Restored! (15 points): Restored the SPEED HIGHWAY Stage Gate.
CITY ESCAPE Restored! (15 points): Restored the CITY ESCAPE Stage Gate.
GREEN HILL Restored! (15 points): Restored the GREEN HILL Stage Gate.
CHEMICAL PLANT Restored! (15 points): Restored the CHEMICAL PLANT Stage Gate.
PLANET WISP Restored! (15 points): Restored the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.
SEASIDE HILL Restored! (15 points): Restored the SEASIDE HILL Stage Gate.
CRISIS CITY Restored! (15 points): Restored the CRISIS CITY Stage Gate.
ROOFTOP RUN Restored! (15 points): Restored the ROOFTOP RUN Stage Gate.
Treasure Hunter (20 points): Collected all the Chaos Emeralds.
Shadow Boxing (25 points): Defeated Shadow.
Silver Got Served (30 points): Defeated Silver.
Scrap Metal (20 points): Defeated Metal Sonic.
Perfect Punisher (25 points): Defeated Perfect Chaos.
Boom Boom Dragoon (30 points): Defeated Egg Dragoon.
Sunny Side Up (20 points): Defeated Death Egg Robot.
Can't Touch This (30 points): Took no damage from the final boss and cleared the stage.
A Quick Breather (10 points): Got the Red Star Ring atop the highest spot in ROOFTOP RUN Act 2 and reached the goal.
Color Power! (10 points): Got the Red Star Ring by using an Orange Wisp in PLANET WISP Act 2 and reached the goal.
Supersonic! (20 points): Cleared a regular stage as Super Sonic.
Walk on Air (20 points): Cleared SKY SANCTUARY Act 1 without falling and losing a life.
Demolition Derby (10 points): Wrecked 30 or more cars in CITY ESCAPE Act 2.
Secret Sleuth (10 points): Got the Red Star Ring located in the hidden room in SEASIDE HILL Act 1 and reached the goal.
Look Both Ways (10 points): Reached the goal in CRISIS CITY Act 2 without being hit by a tornado-carried cars or rocks.
Walk on Water (10 points): Cleared CHEMICAL PLANT Act 2 without entering the water.
Jump for Joy! (10 points): Found the spring hidden in GREEN HILL Act 1 and reached the goal with a Red Star Ring.
The Byway or the Highway (20 points): Got the Red Star Ring located on the shortcut route in SPEED HIGHWAY Act 2 and reached the goal.

Avatar Awards
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.
Classic Eggman Suit (Bottoms): Defeat all rivals in Hard mode.
Classic Eggman Suit (Head): Defeat the final Boss in Hard mode.
Classic Eggman Suit (Tops): Defeat all bosses in Hard mode.

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