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  Bionic Commando [Xbox 360]
Hidden ending message
Successfully complete the game. After the credits, a screen with red Morse code will appear. It translates into the German message "BESTAETIGE. AUSFUEHRUNG VON PHASE ZWEI VORBEREITET. AKTIVIERE PROJEKT ALBATROSS." The English translation reads "CONSENT. IMPLEMENTATION OF PHASE TWO PREPARED. ACTIVATE PROJECT ALBATROSS."

Resident Evil 5 reference
Towards the beginning of the game, after you exit through the big hole in the side of the building there is a Tricell billboard. This is a reference to Resident Evil 5.

Prequel bonuses
* Successfully complete Bionic Commando Rearmed with the following tasks done to get codes to unlock the "Purple Matrix", "Retro Oufit", and "Prototype Weapon" in Bionic Commando. Note: The codes are different between Xbox 360 consoles.
Retro Outfit: The code is already unlocked in the Database in Bionic Commando: Rearmed.
Prototype Weapon: In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, find the floating FSA icon in Area A. It is located behind an electrical barrier you must backtrack to after removing. This will unlock the code in the Database.
Purple Matrix: In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, go to Area 0 and look for the open Yashichi door after collecting all twelve Yashichis. Collect the "Purple Matrix" inside. This will unlock the code in the Database.

Complete the following task to unlock the corresponding upgrade.
Ammunition Upgrade 1: Use a grenade to kill one Grunt. This increases ammo capacity.
Ammunition Upgrade 2: Kill an enemy with a Death From Above. This increases your ammo capacity.
Faster Reload 1: Defeat one Biomech. This decreases the reload rate of the Yelena.
Faster Reload 2: Use the Kite ability on 15 Grunts and kill them in the air. This decreases the reload rate of the Yelena.
Firestorm: Kill three Grunts with one Bulldog shot. This increases the blast radius for the Bulldog.
Hip Shot: Kill 10 Grunts. This increases shot accuracy for Tungsten.
Hollow Point: Destroy one Polycraft. Tungsten damage will be increased (one of two).
In Your Face: Kill two Grunts with a single Hiker shot. The rate of fire on the Hiker will be increased.
Light Armor: Kill a Grunt in hand-to-hand. This increases how much damage you can take.
No Clipping: Defeat the Mohole. This increases ammo capacity for the SJMG)
Precision: Shoot an enemy while zoomed in with the pistol. This decreases the bullet spread when zoomed-in with the Tungsten.
Red Matrix: Defeat the Mohole. Red Matrix doors can now be opened.
Reloaded: Kill two Grunts with the Bulldog while swinging. This decreases the Bulldog reload time
Six Shooter: Destroy the Buraq. The Tarantula can now lock on to six targets simultaneously.
Sledgehammer: Kill three Grunts with the Hiker while swinging. Hiker damage is increased.
Super Charges: Kill one Grunt with a Whip Spin attack. Tungsten damage has been increased (two of two).
The Bullet Hoser: Kill three Biomechs in hand-to-hand combat. This increases rate of fire of the SJMG.
White Matrix: Defeat the Constructor. White Matrix doors can now be opened.

Complete the indicated task to complete the indicated challenge. Available challenges can be viewed on the "Information" screen.
Arm and Wire Action: Leap Up!: Perform a leap up.
Arm and Wire Action: Barrage: Kill 3 enemies at the same time with a death from above.
Arm and Wire Action: Feel the beat, y'all!: Kill 30 grunts in hand-to-hand.
Arm and Wire Action: First Swing: Perform a swing.
Arm and Wire Action: Hand-To-Hand: Kill a grunt in hand-to-hand combat.
Arm and Wire Action: Incoming!: Kill an enemy with a death from above.
Arm and Wire Action: Jabberman: Kill 10 grunts in hand-to-hand combat.
Arm and Wire Action: Kick In The Back: Perform 2 zip kicks on an enemy.
Arm and Wire Action: Monkeyman: Swing longer than 30 meters without touching anything.
Arm and Wire Action: Pull!: Kill an airborne enemy with a throw attack.
Arm and Wire Action: Receiving End: Throw an object at an enemy.
Arm and Wire Action: Reel In: Reel in 3 times.
Arm and Wire Action: Speed Swinger: Complete 5 consecutive speed swings.
Arm and Wire Action: Swinger: Complete 3 consecutive swings.
Arm and Wire Action: The Pinball Effect: Kill 2 enemies with one throw.
Arm and Wire Action: The Pitcher: Kill 50 enemies with the throw attack.
Arm and Wire Action: Train Block: Pull down the vehicle that is blocking your way.
Arm and Wire Action: Train Wreck: Pull down 3 train cars.
Arm and Wire Action: Worthy foe: Kill 3 biomech in hand-to-hand combat.
Enemy Combat: Anti-Air Measures!: Destroy 1 polycraft.
Enemy Combat: Biomech Sweeper: Defeat 15 biomechs.
Enemy Combat: Blood Trial: Kill 10 grunts.
Enemy Combat: Cracker: Defeat 5 biomechs.
Enemy Combat: Fair Fight!: Defeat 1 biomech.
Enemy Combat: Headshot Bonanza: Kill 50 grunts with a headshot.
Enemy Combat: Nemesis: Kill 350 grunts.
Enemy Combat: Poly Cruncher: Destroy 10 polycraft.
Enemy Combat: Slayer: Kill 25 enemy grunts.
Enemy Combat: The bold approach: Hit 1 biomech with a single death from above.
Enemy Combat: Torn Into Pieces: While in the air, destroy 1 polycraft.
Weapon Usage: Air To Surface: Use the Tarantula to kill 6 enemies while swinging.
Weapon Usage: Close up: Shoot an enemy while zoomed in.
Weapon Usage: Drive By: Kill 3 grunts with the hiker while swinging.
Weapon Usage: Explosive Delivery: Kill 2 grunts with the bulldog while swinging.
Weapon Usage: Kaboom: Use a grenade to kill a grunt.
Weapon Usage: Let The Dog Out: Kill 3 grunts with one bulldog shot.
Weapon Usage: Man Locked Up: Use the Tarantula's lock-on ability to kill 1 infantry unit.
Weapon Usage: Rocket Man: Use the Tarantula to kill 10 enemies.
Weapon Usage: Stroke Of Luck: Kill 1 enemy by using the bulldog.
Weapon Usage: The River: Kill 5 grunts with a single grenade.
Weapon Usage: The Turn: Kill 4 grunts with a single grenade.
Weapon Usage: Two Hit Wonder: Kill 2 guards with a single hiker shot.

Retro costume
Successfully complete the game.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Air to Surface (20 points): Complete "Air to Surface" challenge.
Barrage (15 points): Complete "Barrage" challenge.
Biomech Sweeper (25 points): Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge.
Bionically Challenged (50 points): Complete all challenges in the game.
Blood Trial (5 points): Complete "Blood Trial" challenge.
Can you dig it? (40 points): Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge.
Close Up (5 points): Complete "Close Up" challenge.
Come Out and Play (20 points): Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge.
Cracker (15 points): Complete "Cracker" challenge.
Crowd Control (20 points): Complete "Crowd Control" challenge.
Down To Earth (10 points): Complete "Down To Earth" challenge.
Drive-by (20 points): Complete "Drive-by" challenge.
End Game (50 points): Complete the final mission.
Explosive Delivery (10 points): Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge.
Fair Fight! (10 points): Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge.
Feel the Beat, Y'all! (25 points): Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge.
Headshot Bonanza (25 points): Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge.
I got Hard (75 points): Finish the game in Hard mode.
I went Commando (100 points): Finish the game in Commando mode.
Incoming! (10 points): Complete "Incoming!" challenge.
Jabber Man (10 points): Complete "Jabber Man" challenge.
Kaboom (5 points): Complete "Kaboom" challenge.
Kick In The Back (10 points): Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge.
Leap Up! (5 points): Complete "Leap Up!" challenge.
Let the Dog Out (15 points): Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge.
Man Locked Up (5 points): Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge.
Nemesis (25 points): Complete "Nemesis" challenge.
Out of the Bush (30 points): Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge.
Poly Cruncher (25 points): Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge.
Pull! (15 points): Complete "Pull!" challenge.
Receiving End (10 points): Complete "Receiving End" challenge.
Rocket Man (10 points): Complete "Rocket Man" challenge.
Shellshock (25 points): Complete "Shellshock" challenge.
Shoot 'Em Up! (15 points): Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge.
Slayer (10 points): Complete "Slayer" challenge.
Spence is in the Air (10 points): Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge.
Stroke of Luck (5 points): Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge.
Swinger (5 points): Complete "Swinger" challenge.
The Collector (50 points): Find all collectibles in the game.
The Pinball Effect (10 points): Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge.
The Pitcher (25 points): Complete "The Pitcher" challenge.
The River (10 points): Complete "The River" challenge.
Torn Into Pieces (10 points): Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge.
Train Wreck (5 points): Complete "Train Wreck" challenge.
Two Hit Wonder (10 points): Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge.
Whip 'Em Good (25 points): Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge.
Whoo-paah! (10 points): Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge.
Worthy Foe (10 points): Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge.
Additionally there is one secret achievement.
Choke on that (50 points): Kill Groeder - Kill him for good.

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