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  Star Wars: Battle For Naboo [N64]
Cheat codes:
PATHETIC - Infinite lives
NASTYMDE - Hard mode
OVERLOAD - All upgrades
RUAGIRL? - Pink ship
DROIDEKA - Gives you advanced shields
EWERDEAD - One-hit kills
KOOLSTUF - Opens up the graphics showroom
LOVEHUTT - View the development team
TALKTOME - Developer commentary
WAKEUP - Concert hall
LEC&FIVE Unlock Secret Level / Level Select
NOT&DEAD Super Shields
DRJEKYLL Crazy Camera
MEMEME! View Credits
ADEGAN Advanced Blasters
TOOWEAK? All Regular Levels
RHUBARB! Swamp Speeder
BOOM!? Advanced Bombs
?NUNAPWR Advanced Missiles
CANTMISS Homing Torpedoes and Missiles

All regular levels and one bonus level
Enter "LEC&FIVE" as a passcode. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime. All regular levels and the Trade Federation Secrets bonus level will be unlocked.

Advanced bombs
Advanced bombs can be found in the "Glacial Grave" level, on the opposite branch of the river that leads to the gunboat hanger.

Advanced missiles
Advanced missiles can be found in the beginning of "The Smugglers Alliance" level. Help the civilians, even though the captain tells you not to and a speeder will come out of a homestead. Protect it and it will lead you to a farm with the upgrade.

Advanced blasters
Advanced blasters can be found in the "Liberation Of Camp 4" level. At the last shield generator, face towards the down-slope and there will be another up slope leading towards the upgrade.

Homing torpedoes
Homing torpedoes can be found in the "Borvo The Hutt" level. Go northwest of the first battle to find a village among the trees and the upgrade.

Rapid fire lasers
Rapid fire lasers can be found near the end of the "Sancuatary" level. There is a small valley to the right of the main valley. Inside is a volcano and a strange "fairy" object. The upgrade is behind it.

Cluster seeker missiles
Cluster seeker missiles can be found in the second secret level, "Couruscant Encounter". Turn right immediately after starting to find a brown striped building. Enter the hole in front of it and turn left immediately before the path turns to the right. You will see it to your left.

Sith Infiltrator
You can play as the Sith Infiltrator once you access the third secret level, "Dark Side". You can use the Sith Infiltrator in levels where you can use the Naboo Starfighter.

Trade Federation Secrets bonus level
Successfully complete the game with all bronze medals to unlock the Trade Federation Secrets bonus level. In this level you have to protect a base from an attack.

Couruscant Encounter bonus level
Successfully complete the game with all silver medals to unlock the Couruscant Encounter bonus level.

Dark Side bonus level
Successfully complete the game with all gold medals to unlock the Dark Side bonus level.


Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

Enable Code (Must Be On) F100093A 0120
EE000000 0000
Infinite Lives 80067533 0003
Start With 9 Lives 8005C880 0009
Activate Cheat Modifier 1 8104C628 ????
Activate Cheat Modifier 2 8004C62A 00??
Escape From Theed Codes
Infinite Health D01F1760 0080
811F1764 43FA
Infinite Missiles D01F187C 0041
801F187B 000A
Neimoidian Plunder Codes
Infinite Health D01E1000 0080
811E1004 43FA
Infinite Missiles D01E111C 0041
801E111B 000A
Naboo Bayou Codes
Infinite Health D01E46B0 0080
801E46B4 43FA
Infinite Missiles D01E47CC 0041
801E47CB 000A
Smuggler Alliance Codes
Infinite Health D01F1B90 0080
801F1B94 43FA
Infinite Missiles D01F1CAC 0041
801F1CAB 000A
Quantity Digits to Accompany Activate Cheat Modifier 1 Code
0001 - ?
0002 - ?
0004 - Programmers Commentary
0008 - ?
0010 - ?
0020 - ?
0040 - ?
0080 - Homing Missiles
0100 - ?
0200 - More Powerful Missiles?
0400 - ?
0800 - ?
1000 - ?
2000 - ?
4000 - One-Hit Death
8000 - Advanced Shields
FFFF - All Of The Above
Quantity Digits to Accompany Activate Cheat Modifier 2 Code
01 - All Levels
02 - All Levels + Secret Level
04 - All Levels + 2 Secret Levels
08 - All Levels + 3 Secret Levels
10 - Pink Ship
20 - All Ships
40 - ?
80 - 2x Missiles
FF - All Of The Above

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