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  Major League Baseball 2K10 [Xbox 360]
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Down But Not Out (5 points): Get a hit with 2 strikes on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Grab Some Pine (5 points): Get a strikeout to end the inning on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Run the Risk (10 points): Steal a base after the 6th inning tied or down by 1 run on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
A Pitcher's Best Friend (10 points): Turn a double play on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
To the Rescue (10 points): Bring in a pitcher, get a save with the tying run on base on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
A Virtue (20 points): Face 10 pitches as the batter on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Don't Call it a Comeback (20 points): Win after being down by 4 after the 6th inning on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Keep on Truckin' (10 points): Truck the Catcher and score on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
This is Why I'm Here (15 points): Be successful in a major league clutch moment in My Player Mode.
Trifectas Maximus (10 points): Throw a MAX pitch 3 consecutive times with Total Control on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
One Man Show (80 points): Throw a Perfect Game or a No-Hitter on Pro or higher in a 9 inning game, in a non-simulated game.
Time to Run for Mayor (30 points): Hit 3 Home Runs in a single game with the same player on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
I came, I saw... (20 points): Hit a Walk-off Home Run on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Stooges (10 points): Strikeout all three hitters in the inning on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
High Crimes (20 points): Rob a Home Run on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Thou Shalt Not (10 points): Throw out a runner stealing a base on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
State Farm - The Road to Victory (20 points): Get 3 consecutive batters on base on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Still Kicking (10 points): Strike out a batter with a pitcher who has low composure on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
It's Never Too Late (10 points): Get a 2-out RBI Hit on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
The Call (20 points): Get called up to the Majors in My Player Mode.
The Goal (10 points): Accomplish a Team Season Goal in My Player Mode.
The Top (30 points): Become the #1 ranked player in your My Player organization.
The Star (40 points): Make the All-Star team in My Player Mode.
The Start (10 points): Get your player's overall rating to 65 in My Player Mode.
The Truth (20 points): Get your player's overall rating to 85 in My Player Mode.
The Hall (80 points): Make the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode.
One and O (10 points): Play and win opening day in Franchise Mode.
What's Your Ring Size? (80 points): Win a World Series in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
Remember Me (20 points): Break a record in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
Booked a Ticket (20 points): Clinch a Postseason Berth in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
A Day in the Life (10 points): Play a game of MLB Today.
Mid-Summer Classic (40 points): Play the All-Star game in MLB Today.
King of the Hill (20 points): Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby Mode.
My Fellow Man (10 points): Complete and win an online league game.
The Team to Beat (10 points): Beat the New York Yankees in a completed online match.
Count it (10 points): Complete and win a ranked match.
The Road to Greatness (20 points): Complete and win 3 ranked matches in a row.
The spice of life (20 points): Complete 10 online matches using 10 different teams.
Domination (20 points): Strikeout 200 batters with your user profile.
Production (20 points): Drive in 250 RBI with your user profile.
A Whole New You (5 points): Choose a signature batting stance or pitching delivery in My Player or Create Player.
Learning the Ropes (10 points): Achieve gold in all the drills.
Hurlers (10 points): Unlock 20 pitcher cards.
Swingers (10 points): Unlock 25 hitter cards.
Additionally there are six secret achievements.
Round and Round We Go (30 points): Bat around (all 9 players bat in the same inning) on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
EpidemiK (20 points): Complete an online game against a 2K developer or a player who already has this achievement.
Upset Alert (10 points): Use the Nationals in a completed ranked match.
Big Bang (30 points): Leadoff the game with a Home Run on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Back From the Brink (20 points): Get out of a bases loaded jam (0 outs, no runs scored) on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.
Hawkeye (10 points): Draw a walk on a full count on Pro or higher, in a non-simulated game.

Avatar Awards
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.
2K Sports jersey (female): Win a game.
Evan Longoria jersey (Female): Win the Best Fielder award in Franchise or MyPlayer mode.
MLB 2K10 bat and ball: Win the batting title in either Franchise or My Player mode, or hit 150 homeruns.
MLB 2K10 batting helmet: Hit a Grand Slam.
MLB 2K10 jersey: Unlock "The Call" achievement.

More money in Franchise mode during free agency or season
Complete your first season in franchise. Begin the next season and notice there should be some great free agents that can be acquired (for example, Cliff Lee, Big Papi, Torii Hunter, etc.). However when you try to sign one, you may not have enough funds. To bypass this, go to "Manage Roster", select a player, and go to "Edit Player". Scroll until you find "Contract". This will show their current contract (for example, $1.4 million and 4 years) and each year's salary. It also gives you the option to decrease or add a year, or even drop his salary very low in the final year, etc. For example, as the Cubs select Lee. Max his contract out to ten years, and set it to the lowest amount on each year ($300,000). Save the game and go back to free agency. Sign Torii Hunter and you should notice that you have more money available. You can do this to as many players as desired.

Never lose player on your team to free agency
Go to your "Mange Roster" menu and edit a player (for example, Carlos Zambrano). Scroll to his contract and you will see the amount of money and years he has remaining. You can lower the amount of money and add as many years as desired. You will never lose him until he retires.

Tony Gross
Get your "My Player Pro" into the MLB
Go to the difficulty sliders and change you hitting, contact, and/or power, and/or speed. You will not be able to unlock achievements for the time being. When you make it to the Big Show turn it back to Pro or higher.

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