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  Project Gotham Racing 4 [Xbox 360]
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Winning Streak (30 points): Win 3 race events back to back in either Arcade or Single Player Career Mode.
1-2 Finish (10 points): Complete a Ranked Match Team Championship with your team taking the top two positions.
Team Domination (20 points): Complete a Ranked Match Team Championship with your team taking up the top four positions.
Team Leader (10 points): Earn the most points for your team in a Ranked Match Team Championship.
Showboater (20 points): Earn 9000 Kudos in a single race.
5-Star Racer (20 points): Earn 5 Kudos Stars.
Superstar (40 points): Earn 5 Kudos Stars three times in a race.
Mind Your Manners (25 points): Win a Street Race in Arcade or Gotham Career mode without making contact with walls.
The Unicyclist (20 points): Perform a long Wheelie on a motorcycle.
Bibendum (10 points): Play all 3 Test Track disciplines and set a score in each one.
Weather Master (25 points): Win races in rain, fog, and snow in either Arcade or Single Player Career modes.
Winner (5 points): Win your first event in either Arcade or Single Player Career modes.
Silver Gotham Arcader (40 points): Earn a Silver medal in every Arcade event.
Gold Gotham Arcader (10 points): Earn a Gold medal in every Arcade event.
Platinum Gotham Arcader (10 points): Earn a Platinum medal in every Arcade event.
Silver Double (30 points): Earn at least a Silver medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.
Gold Double (5 points): Earn at least a Gold medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.
Platinum Double (5 points): Earn at least a Platinum medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.
Arcade Chapter Complete (30 points): Complete any chapter in Arcade mode.
Professional (70 points): Reach the rank of Professional in Single Player Career mode.
Hotshot (70 points): Reach the rank of Hotshot in Single Player Career mode.
Master (40 points): Reach the rank of Master in Single Player Career mode.
Hero (20 points): Become a National Champion in Single Player Career mode.
Champion (10 points): Win your first Championship in either Single Player Career or Ranked Match play.
Motorcycle Ace (25 points): Win a Single Player Career Championship on a motorcycle.
Major Winner (40 points): Win a Major in Single Player Career mode.
Dominator (20 points): Win all three Single Player Career Majors.
Stuntman (5 points): Perform your first stunt on a bike.
Buy an Achievement (20 points): Buy the 1,000,000 Kudo gamer picture to earn this Achievement.
Back it Up! (10 points): In a split-screen Street Race, finish 1st and 2nd in reverse gear against at least one AI opponent.
Strike a Pose (10 points): Get two bikes facing each other, 15 metres apart, with each performing an impressive endo.
First Timer (10 points): Complete your first Ranked Match Championship.
8th Wonder of the World (20 points): Complete a lap of the Michelin Test Track 'figure of 8' while sliding.
Catch 'Em All (5 points): Swap paint with every opponent in an eight vehicle race.
Endo King (20 points): Earn 100 Kudos by performing an Endo with a motorcycle.
Seat of your Pants (25 points): Complete a Hot Lap event in Arcade mode without touching your brake.
Rubbin' is Racin' (20 points): Knock off the wing mirrors on all of your opponents' vehicles in a Single Player Street Race event.
Show Jump (10 points): Get eight vehicles in the air at the same time.
I Love PGR (5 points): Buy everything in the PGR Shop or complete PGR 3 and get to Rank #1.
Whitewash (50 points): Win every event in a Single Player or Ranked Match Championship.
You Won't Believe Your Eyes! (5 points): Create a 3D image using Photo Mode.
Secret Agent (5 points): Puzzle #2.
3CZV657 (5 points): Puzzle #1.
Tonight Make Me Unstoppable (5 points): Puzzle #3.
Play It Again Sam (20 points): Improve on a medal earned in any arcade event.
PGR On Demand - Photo (5 points): Upload a photo and vote on a photo in PGR On Demand.
PGR On Demand - Video (5 points): Upload a replay and vote on a replay using PGR On Demand.
Giant Killer (20 points): Win against a human opponent with Rank 1 single player status on Xbox LIVE.
Numero Uno (50 points): Reach Rank Number One on the Single Player Career Drivers' Leaderboard.
Beat Bizarre (10 points): Defeat a PGR 4 team member on Xbox LIVE, or defeat anyone who's bested a PGR 4 team member.
Additionally, the following achievements are available with the bonus downloadable content.
Tourist Kudos King (15 points): Earn more kudos than anyone else in a Tourist event.
Open Cat Champion (15 points): Be a cat on the winning team in a Cat and Mouse Open Event.
Open Mouse Master (15 points): Be a mouse on the winning team in a Cat and Mouse Open Event.
Platinum Plus (60 points): Get all the platinums in the Platinum Plus Challenge.
Download King (60 points): Complete the DLC Challenge chapter (at various difficulties).
Arcade Challenge (50 points): Complete the Arcade Challenge chapter.
Cheater (5 points): Activate one of the cheats in the cheat menu.
Make the Grade (10 points): Try to qualify for a tournament.
01 Yee Haw (10 points): Puzzle #4.
Are You the One? (10 points): Puzzle #5.

Unlock Professional and the Michelin Test Track to also get the Michelin Man Gamerpic.

Easy "3CZV657" achievement
Set up a custom race. Set the weather to "Storm" then race any opponents or the AI in a Delorean. When you reach 88 mph you will get the achievement.

Setup a custom race on the New York Outskirts route. Set the AI to 0. Choose the Delorean and begin. Make sure you are going 88 mph or faster when the lightning strikes to get the achievement.

Easy "Buy An Achievement" achievement
Buy the gamer picture. As soon as you hear the achievement unlocked sound, turn off the Xbox 360. You will have unlocked the achievement, but get to keep the one million Kudos.

Easy "Secret Agent" achievement
Go to Arcade mode. Select Chapter 1, and the first race. Do it under the Platinum difficulty setting. While racing, scroll through the songs until you get to Bloc Party - The Prayer. Leave it on and finish the race in second place.

Easy "Tonight Make Me Unstoppable" achievement
Do a custom match in Las Vegas on the "Long Strip Straits". When the race begins, do a 180 degree turn and start driving the wrong way. On the left just down the road will be a casino named "Casino Royale". Stop here to get the achievement.

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