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  Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [PS3]
Cheat mode
After the Leaky Cauldron hub area is unlocked, enter Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies in Diagon Alley before starting actual game play. Go upstairs and talk to the vendor, then enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Accio VE9VV7
Engorgio Skullus CD4JLX
Stupefy UWDJ4Y
Trip Jinx YZNRF6
Flipendo ND2L7W
Incarcerous YEB9Q9
Glacius ERA9DR
Herbifors H8FTHL
Anteoculatia QFB6NR
Calvorio 6DNR6L
Colovaria 9GJ442
Redactum Skullus UW8LRH
Locomotor Mortis 2M2XJ6
Tarentallegra KWWQ44
Entomorphis MYN3NB
Rictusempra 2UCA3M
Multicorfors JK6QRM
Slugulus Eructo U6EE8X

Gold Brick 1 QE4VC7
Gold Brick 2 FY8H97
Gold Brick 3 3MQT4P
Gold Brick 4 PQPM7Z
Gold Brick 5 ZY2CPA
Gold Brick 6 3GMTP6
Gold Brick 7 XY6VYZ
Gold Brick 8 TUNC4W
Gold Brick 9 EJ42Q6
Gold Brick 10 GFJCV9
Gold Brick 11 DZCY6G

Silhouttes HZBVX7
Ice Rink F88VUW
Disguise 4DMK2R
Carrot Wands AUC8EH
Singing Mandrake BMEU6X
Character Token Detector HA79V8
Fall Rescue ZEX7MV
Character Studs H27KGC
Score x2 74YKR7
Score x4 J3WHNK
Score x6 XK9ANE
Score x8 HUFV2H
Score x10 H8X69Y
Stud Magnet 67FKWZ
Regenerate Hearts 89ML2W
Extra Hearts J9U6Z9
Invincibility QQWC6B
Red Brick Detector 7AD7HE
Hogwarts Crest Detector TTMC6D
Gold Brick Detector 84QNQN
Christmas T7PVVN
Fast Magic FA3GQA
Fast Dig Z9BFAD

Ron Weasley with red hair
Successfully complete the first two levels then enter the wizard town through the Leaky Cauldron. Enter the last shop on the left (before the bank). Purchase the "Multicorfors" spell. Cast it on Ron Weasley. Although he shakes his head as if the spell has worn off, his hair will remain red.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards. Note: Enabling cheat codes will not prevent trophies from becoming unlocked.
Dark Wizards (Bronze): Buy every version of Voldemort (Quirrell/Tom Riddle/Voldemort).
Quidditch Team (Bronze): Buy the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team from Book One.
Back in Time (Bronze): Use the Time-Turner.
Good Dog (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies with Fang.
Wonderful Weasleys (Bronze): Buy the entire Weasley family.
Quirrell Quandary (Bronze): Defeat Quirrell in the Quirrell boss fight, using Voldemort.
Multiplier (Bronze): Collect 10 million studs in one level.
Arachnophobic (Bronze): Defeat 20 spiders with Ron.
Chilled out (Bronze): Freeze 20 characters using Glacius.
Boo! (Bronze): Scare 20 students using a ghost character.
Animagus (Bronze): Unlock all Animagi.
Defeating the Object (Bronze): Defeat the mountain troll, using Quirrell.
Watch Out! (Bronze): Knock over ten characters using a ride-able object.
Solid Snape (Bronze): Hide in a barrel as Snape.
Role Reversal (Bronze): Defeat Harry (as Voldemort), in the GraveyardDefeat Harry (as Voldemort), in the Graveyard.
Quiet Please! (Bronze): Turn the sound and music down to 0 in the options menu whilst in the library.
Muggle Trouble (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies with a Muggle character.
Lumos Solem (Bronze): Destroy 50 Devil's Snare plants.
Quick Quidditch (Bronze): Complete the Quidditch level within five minutes.
Ghostly Treasure (Bronze): Collect 500 ghost studs.
Junior (Silver): Complete Year One Story Levels.
Senior (Silver): Complete Year Two Story Levels.
Prefect (Silver): Complete Year Three Story Levels.
Head Boy (Silver): Complete Year Four Story Levels.
Crest Collector (Silver): Collect all of the house crests in Year 1.
Crest Fanatic (Silver): Collect all of the house crests in Year 2.
Ultra Collector (Silver): Collect all of the house crests in Year 3.
The Ultimate Collector (Silver): Collect all of the house crests in Year 4.
Power Up! (Silver): Collect all of the Red Bricks.
Student Rescue (Silver): Rescue all students in peril.
Stud Magnet (Silver): Get True Wizard in every level.
Building Blocks (Silver): Complete all the LEGO Builder tutorial levels.
Teacher's pet (Gold): Complete All Story Lessons.
Story Complete! (Gold): Complete the Story Levels in all four years.
The Bonus Level is Yours (Gold): Collect all of the Gold Bricks.
You're the Best (Gold): Complete the game to 100%.
True Wizard (Platinum): Collect all the bronze, silver and gold trophies.

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