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  CSI: Deadly Intent [walktrough]
CSI: Deadly Intent
100% Completion Walkthrough
By Bayernschweiz -



1. Version History [VERSION]

2. Introduction [INTRO]

3. About The Game
3.01. Game History [GAME]
3.02. Controls [CONTROLS]

4. Walkthrough
4.01.Case 1 - Broken Hearted [CASE01]
4.02.Case 2 - Coulda Been a Contender [CASE02]
4.03.Case 3 - Last Gasp [CASE03]
4.04.Case 4 - Extinguished [CASE04]
4.05.Case 5 - Crime Scene Impersonator [CASE05]

5. Extras
5.01. Awards [AWARDS]
5.02. FAQ [FAQ]

6. Contact Info [CONTACT]

7. Legal/Copyright Info [COPYRIGHT]

8. Thanks [THANKS]

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