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The Witness is getting pirat
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Scre
Far Cry Primal - The First 1
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The Solus Project Dev Diary
Far Cry: Primal Will Be Prot

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  Bionicle Heroes [NDS]
You can unlock the following cheats by collecting runes and the necessary gears. Purchase cheats from the Rune Translator.
* Unlimited Ammo - Collect AVAK Runes and 100,000 Gears
* Invincibility - Collect HAKANN Runes and 200,000 Gears
* One Hit Defeat - Collect REIDAK Runes and 150,000 Gears
* Disco Craze - Collect THOK Runes and 15,000 Gears
* Crazy Colors - Collect VEZOK Runes and 10,000 Gears
* Silhouettes - Collect ZAKTAN Runes and 10,000 Gears
* Makuta Mode - Collect VOYANUI Runes and 5,000 Gears
* Human Voice - Collect MAKUTA Runes 60,000 and Gears
* Animal Farm - Collect PIRAKA Runes and 30,000 Gears
* Piraka Party - Collect INIKA Runes and 30,000 Gears
* Big Head - Collect IRNAKK Runes and 20,000 Gears
* Tiny Enemies - Collect MATANUI Runes and 20,000 Gears

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