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  Mario Kart DS [NDS]
150cc Mirror Mode
Win all Gold trophies in all cups in the Retro Grand Prix 150cc class to unlock 150cc Mirror Mode.

Alternate ending sequence
Win all Gold trophies in all cups and classes to change the ending sequence.

Baloon Battle hint
To get other ballons in a ballon battle, get a mushroom, then use it to run into someone. You will take a ballon from that person. The most ballons you can hold at once is three.

Bonus karts
Win a Gold trophy in all cups in the Nitro Grand Prix in the 100cc class to unlock a third kart for all characters. Win a Gold trophy in all cups in the Nitro Grand Prix in the 150cc class to unlock a total of seven karts for all characters. Win a Gold trophy in all cups in the Retro Grand Prix in the 150cc Mirror Class to unlock all karts for all characters.

Development team ghost times
Successfully complete the indicated circuit with a time less than the target to unlock its development team ghost racer, with the corresponding best time:

Nitro Cup: Airship Fortress: 2:10:000
Nitro Cup: Bowser Castle: 2:20:000
Nitro Cup: Cheep Cheep Beach: 1:45:000
Nitro Cup: Delfino Plaza: 1:55:000
Nitro Cup: Desert Hills: 1:35:000
Nitro Cup: DK Pass: 2:15:000
Nitro Cup: Figure-8 Circuit: 1:38:000 (1:36:481 best time)
Nitro Cup: Luigi's Mansion: 2:00:000
Nitro Cup: Mario Circuit: 1:57:000
Nitro Cup: Peach Gardens: 1:53:000
Nitro Cup: Rainbow Road: 2:17:000
Nitro Cup: Shroom Ridge: 2:06:000
Nitro Cup: Tick-Tock Clock: 1:55:000
Nitro Cup: Walugi Pinabll: 2:24:000
Nitro Cup: Wario Stadium: 2:15:000
Nitro Cup: Yoshi Falls: 0:58:000
Retro Cup: Baby Park: 0:55:000 (0:50:920 best time)
Retro Cup: Banshee Boardwalk: 2:15:000
Retro Cup: Bowser Castle 2: 1:53:000
Retro Cup: Choco Island 2: 1:02:000
Retro Cup: Choco Mountain: 2:16:000
Retro Cup: Donut Plains 1: 1:09:000
Retro Cup: Frappe Snowland: 2:09:000
Retro Cup: Koopa Beach 2: 0:55:000
Retro Cup: Luigi Circuit: 1:37:000 (1:29:759 best time)
Retro Cup: Mario Circuit 1: 0:51:000
Retro Cup: Moo Moo Farm: 1:18:000
Retro Cup: Mushroom Bridge: 1:31:000
Retro Cup: Peach Circuit: 1:13:000
Retro Cup: Sky Garden: 1:45:000
Retro Cup: Yoshi Circuit: 1:49:000

Extra boost while driving
Press R to hop while turning or when making a turn. While you are sliding, or immediately beforehand, keep pressing Left then Right (or vice versa) to acquire a blue flame behind your kart. Release it to get a slight boost. If you keep pressing Left then Right (or vice versa) some more while you have the blue flame, you will get a red/orange flame for an even better boost. You may or may not notice the blue flame when getting the red/orange flame.

Higher jump
To jump higher when you are going over a jump, press R. This requires some practice and precise timing.

Holding items behind you
While having a throwable item in your inventory, hold L or X to hold any throwable item behind you. This can protect you from oncoming opponent attacks from items that hit you from behind, such as red and green shells. You are also able to store another item in your inventory while holding your throwable item behind you.

Inflate balloons faster
Instead of holding Select, blow into the microphone.

Leaf Cup
Win a Gold trophy in the Shell Cup and Banana Cup to unlock the Leaf Cup for that class.

Lighting bolt
On the DK Jungle Parkway, Royal Raceway, or Wario Stadium courses, use a lightning bolt just before someone reaches the jump. They should fall off the jump, costing them time. Do not use it when they are on the turbo pads because it will not affect them.

Lightning Cup
Win a Gold trophy in the Leaf Cup to unlock the Lightning Cup for that class.

Unlock Item Choose from any kart for each character
Get a gold trophy in every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 150cc mirror

Unlock Item Choose from 7 karts for each character
Get a gold trophy in every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 150cc

Unlock Item 3rd kart for all characters
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 100cc

Unlock Character Dry Bones
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Nitro Grand Prix on 50cc

Unlock Character Daisy
Get a Gold Trophy on every cup in Retro Grand Prix on 50cc

Unlock 150cc Mirror Mode
Finish 150cc Retro Class with Gold trophies on every cup

Unlock Alternate Title Screen
Finish all classes with gold trophies on all cups

Unlock Leaf Cup
Get Gold on Shell Cup and Banana Cup

Unlock Lightning Cup
Get Gold on Leaf Cup

Unlock Special Cup
Get Gold on Star Cup

Unlock Star Cup
Get Gold on Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup

Unlock R.O.B. as a racer
Finish 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro Class with Gold Trophies on all cups

Unlock "Mission 7" in Mission Mode
Get at least a 1-star ranking on all levels of every mission in Mission Levels 1-6

No Tie
In a ballon battle, have one ballon and get your last opponent to have one ballon also. Then, get item blocks until you get a bomb. Then hold L or B to have the bomb hanging off of the back of your kart and run into your opponent. You will both be blown into the air, but you will win.

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