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  Prince of Persia 3D [cheats]
Cheat Codes
Install Prince of Persia 3D. Download patch 1.1 and activate it.

Create a shortcut on your desktop, for the game, and add a console command, for instance:

"C:Program FilesRed OrbPrince of Persia 3DPOP3D.exe" -CONSOLE

In the game, hit F5 to open the console, then you can enter any of the following codes:

IMMORTAL (god mode)
MORTAL (to turn off immortal)
FLYCAM (useful for seeing around corners. You have to turn it off in order to move again.)

To start the game at a specific level, make a shortcut to the POP3D.EXE file and add one of the following to the end of the string in the Target Properties box:

-l "geometryroomsprisonfix"
-l "geometryroomsivorytwr"
-l "geometryroomscistern"
-l "geometryroomspalace2"
-l "geometryroomspalace3"
-l "geometryroomspalace4"
-l "geometryroomsroof1"
-l "geometryroomscityanddocks"
-l "geometryroomsdirig1a"
-l "geometryroomsdirig1b"
-l "geometryroomsdirig2"
-l "geometryroomsdirigfinale"
-l "geometryroomsruins"
-l "geometryroomscliffs"
-l "geometryroomssolar1"
-l "geometryroomsmoontemple"
-l "geometryroomsfinale"

Then start the game and select "New Game". Note: Once this cheat is used, all subsequent levels will have to be loaded this way because this is overlaying level 1 and when the level is completed, the game then automatically loads level two instead of the level after the one initially loaded. It does not work to save the game as soon as the level loads, then exit the game and restart by not using the cheat shortcut.

Save Game Hex Cheats

Saved games are the files named SAVE001, SAVE002, SAVE003, etc. in the directory the game was installed into (C:POP3D, for instance). Using a hex editor, the following game values may be adjusted.

First search for the all lower-case word "buffer". It will be at the end of a long string of paths containing the word geometry. Now count 330 more bytes from the end of "buffer". This location contains the amount of health the prince currently has. The maximum value this may be set to is hex 76. Count four more bytes and this location contains the maximum amount of health the prince *may* have. This maximum value is also hex 76.

262 bytes past the end of "buffer" are the two bytes that enable the three bladed weapons and six types of arrows. Hex 1F 1F enables everything.

238 bytes from the end of "buffer" contains the number of type 1 arrows the prince has. The maximum value this may be set to is hex FF (255). The display for the number of arrows will not show correctly on the game screen for values greater than 99.

4 bytes further contains the value for type 2 arrows. Max is hex FF.

4 bytes further is type 3 arrows. Max is hex FF.

4 bytes further is type 4 arrows. Max is hex FF.

4 bytes further is type 5 arrows. Max is hex FF.

4 bytes further is type 6 arrows. Max is hex FF.

Sometimes the first of the six values for arrows starts 222 bytes past the end of "buffer" instead of 238 bytes past "buffer". Then the type 2 arrows are at 238, type 3 four bytes from there, and so on.

Magic Trainer Creator Cheat

As the game moves the address for health to different places, a search can be done for a specific string which indicates the health value. Set the beginning address to 3000000 and the ending adress to 4000000. Search for 000000240000000000000003 if the prince has 3 full bottles of elixir. The hex 24 in the string can be set to a maximum of hex 76, which gives the prince 10 full bottles of elixir. This 76 should now be frozen by Magic Trainer Creator so that the next time it is played, it will be known what string to search for, e.g.


However, for some reason, this doesn't always work.


On Level 2, you have to PULL a piece of furniture. If you push the furniture from the left side, between the furniture and the chair, the ground will suck you down and you will appear at the door of the same room.

No fights:
Every time you have to fight, look around and look for stairs, if you see them go up or down and your enemy will not attack you, since they can`t jump, walk upstairs, or crunch. Once they can`t reach you, take your bowl and kill him! One arrow should do the trick.

All Cheats
Start the game and bring up the -console command line parameter. During gameplay press F5 to display the console window. Then enter any one of these cheats for it to take affect:

God Mode - ''immortal''
Disable God Mode - ''mortal''
Display version number of game - ''version''
Flying Camera - ''flycam''
Skip the current level - ''next level''

Or simply type in the level you want to go to:
Dungeon - ''geometryroomsprisonfix''
Ivory Tower - ''geometryroomsivorytwr''
Cistern - ''geometryroomscistern''
Palace 1 - ''geometryroomspalace2''
Palace 2 - ''geometryroomspalace3''
Palace 3 - ''geometryroomspalace4''
Rooftops - ''geometryroomsroof1''
Streets and Docks - ''geometryroomscityanddocks''
Lower Dirigible 1 - ''geometryroomsdirig1a''
Lower Dirigible 2 - ''geometryroomsdirig1b''
Upper Dirigible 3 - ''geometryroomsdirig2''
Dirigible Finale - ''geometryroomsdirigfinale''
Floating Ruins - ''geometryroomsruins''
Cliffs - ''geometryroomscliffs''
Sun Temple - ''geometryroomssolar1''
Moon Temple - ''geometryroomsmoontemple''
Finale - ''geometryroomsfinale''

NOTE: Patch version 1.1 is required for these cheats to work.

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