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 Gamers won't buy next Xbox if it blocks used games - briefly
(hx) 06:08 PM EST - Feb,08 2013
Bloomberg reports that, according to GameStop spokesperson Matt Hodges, the retailer has taken surveys of its customers that are signed up for its PowerUp Rewards program. The results of those surveys show that they would be less inclined to buy a console if they were restricted in their play of used games.
The Grapevine, Texas-based specialty retailer, which gets almost half its profit from sales of used discs, cited surveys of its most active customers, the 21 million U.S. members of its PowerUp Rewards loyalty program. Those buyers would be less likely to purchase a next-generation console that limits trading in pre-owned games, Matt Hodges, a GameStop spokesman, said without providing details of the surveys.

"We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games," Hodges said in an e-mail. He said the company won’t comment on speculation about the specifics of third-party hardware.

The retailer's statement follows a report by the video-game website that Microsoft's next Xbox will include technology that blocks game resales. The system would register video games over the Internet and render resold titles useless, reported, without saying where it got the information.

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gx-x(06:21 PM EST - Feb,08 2013 )
IF (and that's a big IF) m$ truly does this, they will have a much bigger issue - console renting. That will put off their console sales. Then the question will be posed - Will we protect developers profits or our own profits?

edit: to elaborate a bit:
I owned an "internet cafe" where the playing of video games was the mostly sought after commodity. People come, pay for a few hours of gameplay and play what they want (what I have to offer, and I had almost everything remotely popular). Price was around 0.5$ per hour. You could complete first iteration of Max Payne in about 4-5 hrs on one of the PCs available there. They were middle grade PCs with, at the time, big monitors (17" in year 2001). It was a small cafe, 10 PCs so friends often reserved the place and came together to have fun. Most of those people didn;t even own a PC of their own.
Now, this was Serbia 2001-2003, salaries here were ~100$/moth (they are 400$ now o.O) it was cheap fun for them, and good profit for me. If new xbox will be like what they say it will be, I will gladly invest in 10 of them and have them running specific titles. When titles get old or out of deamnd I will those consoles together with games and buy new consoles with new games and rent those. I look forward to it.

Only problem with renting anything in Serbia is the "return rate" lol but goons are cheap here and people leaving some sort of "guarantee" for the rented console is mandatory since the beginning of time :) I did a quick math, 20 eur per of console with 3 titles, it would pay itself within 2 months. 10 consoles with 3 titles each = ~30.000 euros if I get them rented for 150 days in a year. ofc there will be expenses like new controllers (warranty probably won't cover those), maybe even breakage but hey, even if it ends up at 15K euros it's a good business for doing next to nothing :P

now you see that if you want to play one or two titles that interest you, it might be better to pay 2-3 days for a console when you have time for it then to buy console and games all the time. Hell, if I manage to get to USA by the end of this year I might just start that business there :) Beats washing dishes xD and I do have some money to invest :P

sikapossu(06:43 PM EST - Feb,08 2013 )
and this has nothing do that gamestop going to lose shitload of money if there is no way to sell used games anymore :twisted:

gx-x(06:45 PM EST - Feb,08 2013 )
sikapossu> and this has nothing do that gamestop going to lose shitload of money if there is no way to sell used games anymore :twisted:

they can sell used consoles + games that are locked to them! Even more money there imo.
Second-hand sales.

Apathy Curve(09:17 PM EST - Feb,08 2013 )
I won't buy one regardless. Consoles are for children.

Csimbi(05:39 AM EST - Feb,09 2013 )
There. Ain't that the truth?

Stumpus(08:15 AM EST - Feb,09 2013 )
Apathy Curve> I won't buy one regardless. Consoles are for children.
God you are soo intelligent. He speaks without so much as a look at specs or uses but judges a book by its cover that has been around for more than 8years. A ps3 makes a bloody perfect 3d home cinema system or blu ray system. It outputs true HD DTS etc, but I don't need to say that, since its for children. Boy are you sooo immature.
PC's today are used by MORE children than ever, same are 400+ buck cellphones and tablets. Every fucking brat has an iPhone,iPad and laptop.
So that makes every piece of hardware, a child's toy, since children use them.......for fucks sake, man grow up.

Correction; GAMES of a certain genre are for children, just like on PC. Has fuck all to do with the hardware. The PC plays postman-fucking pat or Sesame Street as much as a fucking console.

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