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 Rob Pardo Defends Jay Wilson and Diablo III - briefly
(hx) 09:11 AM EST - Jan,22 2013
Blizzard's Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo stepped in to defend Jay Wilson and Diablo III, after enduring over 100 pages of abuse from unhappy fans, in the discussion following Jay Wilson's announced departure from the game's team.
This thread saddens me greatly. I know that the forums have earned a reputation for rough justice, but I do not believe justice is being served by how people are speaking about Jay's departure from Diablo III.

I am very proud of the Diablo franchise and what the team was able to accomplish with Diablo III. As a gamer I have enjoyed the game and played for many, many nights with friends and family. I'm not, however, going to use that as an excuse. The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard and we are committed to improving it. We have a talented team in place and have no intention of stopping work on Diablo III until it is the best game in the franchise.

Iím the only person in this thread who has actually worked with Jay. I hired Jay to head up the Diablo project and had the pleasure of getting to work with him, both in building the team and designing the game. He has great design instincts and has added so much to the franchise with his feel for visceral combat, boss battles, and an unparalleled knack for making it fun to smash bad guys. I've worked with many, many designers at Blizzard and Jay is one of the best. He has a great career at Blizzard ahead of him and I guarantee that you will enjoy Jayís game designs in future Blizzard games.

If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game. If you still feel the need to dish out blame, then I would prefer you direct it at me. I was the executive producer on the project; I hired Jay and I gave him advice and direction throughout the development process. I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result.

last 10 comments:
Tom(09:55 AM EST - Jan,22 2013 )
I'm sorry the game did not live up to the hype, Diablo II was way better than III and now it is just simply too late to try and fix or improve anything. Great he sits there to defend his colleague but the reality is the game sucked and GW is a way way way better game. Kinda how I expected D3 to be.

NyaR(03:42 PM EST - Jan,22 2013 )
Tom> I'm sorry the game did not live up to the hype

I don't know, I had a pretty good idea of what D2 was gonna be. An endless grind for shiny items, fit for sufferers of OCD and hoarding disorder.

Csimbi(07:53 PM EST - Jan,22 2013 )
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game

That is somewhat contradicting what you just said.
The game suck and we say so, you defend it as it was worth fighting for.
In addition, time has already proven that Blizzard does not give a damn what gamers are saying.

We know it sucks, any attempts to fix the game are deemed to fail so as Tom said: just leave it alone and let it die. Better luck next time!

Thudo(09:29 PM EST - Jan,22 2013 )
In addition, time has already proven that Blizzard does not give a damn what gamers are saying.
Oh I would state Blizzard is now a shallow husk of what it once was as is now likely most Too-Big-To-Fail Game Devs these days *cough* EA *cough* >>GAGGG!!<< who put their profits/shareholders wayyy too far ahead then the art of the game like it once was back in the day.

Like I always say: "Games that caters to all but classic to none"...

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