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 IE 10 For Windows 7 Preview - tech
(hx) 04:59 PM EST - Nov,13 2012
For those of you interested, Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Windows 7.
The redesigned browser, Internet Explorer 10, made its debut last month when Microsoft released Windows 8, which makes dramatic changes to an operating system that has been powering PCs for decades.

Internet Explorer 10 initially is being introduced Tuesday to Windows 7 users in a "preview," or test, mode. The new browser isn't compatible with XP, Vista and any other older Windows version.

Although Microsoft is staking its future on Windows 8, far more PCs rely on Windows 7. Microsoft Corp. says more than 670 million licenses for Windows 7 have been sold since its release in 2009. Windows 8 is unlikely to approach that level of usage until at least 2014, based on analyst forecasts.

Desktops, laptops and tablet computers running on Windows 8 are sold with Internet Explorer 10 already installed. Those with older Windows versions will have to download and install the new browser separately.

Although Internet Explorer 10 is supposed to process Web pages more quickly and smoothly than its predecessors, it may have limited appeal to Windows 7 users.

That's because Microsoft primarily designed Internet Explorer 10 for tablet computers and other devices, including a new breed of PCs that have touch-screen displays. Relatively few Windows 7 PCs can be controlled with fingers on a display screen.

last 10 comments:
Csimbi(08:50 PM EST - Nov,13 2012 )
I have no pity for those who buy into Windows 8.
There must be a reason for this guy leaving; jumping ship in time I guess.

Baconnaise(01:17 AM EST - Nov,14 2012 )
Last thing I want is people touching my fucking monitor. I can't fathom using a touchscreen unless it was tiny. My smallest monitor is a 24" biggest is 28" atm (couldn't find anything bigger that was 16:10 and not as much as a mercedes payment). I imagine there are great uses for them in schools or in other niche environments.

Tom(10:55 AM EST - Nov,14 2012 )
It's no wonder MS is firing people associated to these products and OS. Total failure. I love how MS sugar coats the reasons these people were let go. I'm really damned surprised that Balmer is still sitting there, his ass should be thrown out the front door too.

Csimbi(04:13 PM EST - Nov,14 2012 )
Tom> I'm really damned surprised that Balmer is still sitting there, his ass should be thrown out the front door too.
Ditto. He should have been the first. But, I guess someone has to sign the severance packages, so they leave him as the last one.
Would help both the industry and the company.

Tom(10:12 AM EST - Nov,15 2012 )
As far as remember, when Bill was calling the shots everything was going ok. Some might contest that but compared to Balmer, what has gone right since he took over? From what I hear, Balmer is so far away from things he's not really involved in anything. MS should have clued in around the internets and realized nobody is going for this stupid touch screen crap in Windows 8. Just because you think you can shove it down our throats doesn't mean we'll go buy it. Everything I see in Windows 8 could have been done in Win7 with a Service Pack, but greed is what MS is about much the same way as Apple.

Baconnaise(03:24 PM EST - Nov,15 2012 )
It's hard for me to not smack myself when I use my tablet. The habit is drilled hard into my core about touching monitors. LOL

Csimbi(03:38 PM EST - Nov,15 2012 )
Baconnaise> It's hard for me to not smack myself when I use my tablet. The habit is drilled hard into my core about touching monitors. LOL
You keep a degreaser close by, right?

Baconnaise(05:38 PM EST - Nov,16 2012 )
I have a screen protector that wipes clean off when I use this microfiber? or whatever cloth. There's a squeegee that does the same thing on that I can keep on a key chain or on the tablet itself.

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