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+16 Trainer for Spellforce 3
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Battlezone 2 is getting rema
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Electronic Arts Loses $3 Bil
Windows 10 Experiment: Runni
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Wolfenstein II: The New Colo
Belgium Hates Loot Boxes
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced

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Zelda - a complete walkthrough, cheats, secrets (3052 hits)
Age of Decadence - indie turn-based cRPG with a Roman aesthetic (2879 hits)
Terra Arcanum - Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura fansite (2277 hits)
Pirates Of The Caribbean - RPG from developer Akella that was formerly known as Sea Dogs 2 (2103 hits)
Star Wars: KotOR - Walkthrough - Star Wars: KotOR walkthrough (1785 hits)
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn - Phenomic's RPG-RTS hybrid game for the PC (1782 hits)
Knights of the Old Republic 2 Walkthrough - Gamebanshee slapped together a Walkthrough for Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (1534 hits)
Septerra Core - a Role Playing Adventure Game published by TopWare Interactive that will go beyond the limits of the genre. In this game developed by Valkyrie Studios, thePlayer will encounter puzzles, character development and strategic combat, all driven forward by a story which takes place in an original, detailed fantasy world. (1495 hits) - Nox news, information, and media on the web. (1472 hits)
Arx Fatalis - Arx Fatalis official website (1419 hits)
Ancient Evil - an adventure RPG in which you enter the mysterious confines of the Crypt, and hopefully live to tell the tale.... features isometric nicely rendered environment (1403 hits)
SpellForce Companion - fansite for this 3D role-playing strategy game by Phenomic (1397 hits)
Arianne RPG - A free open source massive multiplayer online role playing game (1347 hits)
The Temple of Elemental Evil - RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons World of Greyhawk (1307 hits)
Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer - features 43 non-linear, branching missions, new story, new multiplayer map editor, over 200 new weapons, armor, spells, 52 additional races and 14 new monstrosities to conquer, new ally system and more (1264 hits)
Shattered Light - Enter a world comprised of more than 700 maps, 300 spells, 100 monsters and100 of NPCs. Choose to play a hero from 8 different character classes:Paladins, Knights, The Cat Warriors, Mentors, Reavers, Earth Mages, AirMages and Fire Mages. Shatered Light's multiplayer feature allows you to play with up to 8 playersonline. You can modify other player's characteristics and attributes onthe fly when you host the game on your machine! You can play on the 'net also. (1262 hits)
Mordor II: Darkness Awakening - a large-scale, fantasy role-playing game in which you explore the depths below the city to seek out and destroy the demons lurking within. (1258 hits)
Lands Of Lore 2 - Guardians Of Destiny - RPG, Westwood Studios, BEST...... :) (1132 hits)
RPGamer - the key to Role Playing Games : game coverages, news and information, related resources.. (1128 hits)
Evil Islands - Evil Islands offficial site, its a real-time and turn-based strategic RPG (1114 hits)
Alundra - PlayStation Action/RPG : Between the worlds of light and dark lies the world of dreams. A world where the rule of reason loosens its grip. Grab a weapon and become the dreamwalker Alundra, as he struggles to purge the evil of an ancient world before it falls to ash. (1113 hits)
Prince of Qin - an action RPG set in the last years of the Qin Dynasty 2,200 years ago (Object Software) (1026 hits)
Siege of Avalon - Siege of Avalon official fansite (997 hits)
Space Rangers 2 - official website (publisher) (996 hits)
Tibia - online RPG... (988 hits)
Lords of Realm II - Lords of the Realm II immerses you in this harsh world where life is held cheap and conflict is epic (965 hits)
Return To Krondor - highly anticipated sequel to the best selling RPG, Betrayal at Krondor (962 hits)
rpg.midi - RPG music and multimedia archive (949 hits)
Dungeon Lords - action fantasy RPG (946 hits)
Grom - action-RPG combining deep storyline and real time strategy elements for combats (932 hits)
Chocobo Farm - dedicated to all RPG gaming world with huge information, downloads, news. The site hosts pages related to all important RPGs out there. (925 hits)
Technomage - SunFlowers official site for Technomage (912 hits)
Asheron's Call Secrets+Macros - Offering Asheron's Call Cheats, Secrets + Macros to raise your level fast, boost your skills/attributtes quickly and make fast money for your character! (906 hits)
Asheron`s Call - upcoming RPG from Microsoft`s production (885 hits)
Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern - Official Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern site - 3D role-playing adventure by Ubi Studios UK (878 hits)
Space Rangers - official website (827 hits)
Sanity: Aiken's Artifact - Sanity: Aiken's Artifact official site (806 hits)
Mistmare - 3D fantasy RPG by Sinister Systems and Arxel Tribe (780 hits)
Demon Spawn - RPG (773 hits)
Lands Of Lore III - home on Westwood site (753 hits)
Metalheart: Replicants Rampage - isometric cyberpunk role-playing game (734 hits)
Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic - Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic official site (728 hits)
Knights of the Old Republic 2 Tweak Guide - Aside from detailed descriptions of all the in-game settings and their performance impacts, it covers all the working advanced .ini tweaks for KOTOR 2, as well as a range of troubleshooting tips which should help you get more out of the game (727 hits)
Gorky 17 - RP game homepage (726 hits)
Restricted Area - isometric sci-fi action-based RPG (711 hits)
Once Upon A Knight - site for the US version of this game which is otherwise known as Knightshift in Europe (698 hits)
RPG Planet - RPG Planet blends everything you will ever need to know about RPGs into one site. (696 hits)
Sorcerer's Palace - As the official Interplay site is still down (or simply even gone forever?), Sorcerer's Palace offers the patches for the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series as well as for Planescape: Torment (672 hits)
Cute Knight - A casual, girl-friendly, anime-themed RPG in the style of Princess Maker with easy-to-understand gameplay, randomly-generated dungeons, treasures, and events, and over fifty endings to discover (665 hits)
Legend Of The Blademaster - 3d action - adventure - fantasy rpg (664 hits)
BioWare News - BioWare news. All the time (656 hits)
Age Of Darkness - Age Of Darkness official site (654 hits)
Dark Vengance - another action RPG from GT (639 hits)
Kult: Heretic Kingdoms - role-playing game from German developers 3D People (637 hits)
Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan - Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan official site (628 hits)
Neo Pagan - a non-linear 3rd person 3d based RPG (618 hits)
I of the Dragon - official website (614 hits)
Beyond Divinity - RPG from Larian Studios (610 hits)
Wheel of Time Mud - A free interactive online game based on the works of Robert Jordan. (609 hits)
The Bard's Tale - action RPG (605 hits)
Empire of Magic - Summisoft's official website for this RPG (602 hits)
Wheel of Time mud - WoTmud IV, the Wheel of Time MUD: A 100% free text-based multiuser online RPG game with action 24 hours/day (594 hits)
UFO: Extraterrestrials - turn-based tactical/RPG (583 hits)
Meridian 59 Revelation - a 3-D role-playing game that lets you join thousands of players across the Internet in a world filled with dangerous creatures, awesome magic, mysterious quests, and friendly explorers. (581 hits)
RPGNet - The ultimate resource for all your console related RPG news coverage (580 hits)
RealmServer - Sierra`s vision of future of interactive adventure games & RPG...... (569 hits)
The Witcher - offical website (560 hits)
Neverend - fantasy RPG in the Final Fantasy style by Mayhem (559 hits)
Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes - Take on perilous quests through never-before-seen planes of existence and carve a path to righteousness. Conquer dungeons, search for gemstones, fight monsters, improve your skills and more as one of four distinct Hero characters: Fighter, Wizard, Cleric or Thief. Immediately immerse yourself in solo games or play cooperatively with up to 4 players. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes gives you a chance to taste victory as only a true Hero can. (545 hits)
Nightstone - Nightstone is a classic adventure/role-playing game involving real-time action and classic strategy elements (544 hits)
Shadowbane - WolfPack Studio's Shadowbane official site (533 hits)
Malleus Maleficarum - independent project of first person rpg (521 hits)
Plastic Angel - prepared 3D action RPG on SiN`s engine (518 hits)
Loki - Diablo-like action role-playing game set in a universe inspired by mythology and ancient races such as the Greeks, Vikings, Aztecs and Egyptians. (511 hits)
Iron Works Site - Cool site layout for RPG news (502 hits)
The Fall - Last Days of Gaia - Post-Apocalyptic RPG/Tactical game from Silver Style Entertainment (502 hits)
Urban Legions - web-based superhero-themed role-playing game (493 hits)
Through the Looking Glass - home for all LG action RPG`s (463 hits)
RPG Dot - RPG gaming portal (462 hits)
Harbinger - science fiction role-playing game (461 hits)
Mass Effect - science fiction action-RPG created by BioWare Corp (Xbox 360 exclusive) (457 hits)
Kings Bounty: The Legend - Katauri Interactive's strategic RPG (457 hits)
Etrom - the Astral Essence - action-role-playing game (454 hits)
SpellForce 2 - official website (publisher) (452 hits)
Dawn of Magic (formerly Blood Magic) - official website (448 hits)
Star Wolves 2 - science fiction RPG (445 hits)
Konung 2 - offical website (441 hits)
Hero - action/RPG by FireFly Studios (438 hits)
GODS: Lands of Infinity - official website (437 hits) - We will publish your daily adventures from your favorite Online RPG ! (436 hits)
Weird War - Weird War is a classic RPG with loads of action and is set during the Second World War. It's a game brimming with adventures and humor but also with many battles (423 hits)
Jade Empire PC - official website (422 hits)
The Guild 2 - official website (419 hits)
GreenMoon - massively multiplayer RPG (416 hits)
Paranoia XP - classic tabletop roleplaying game (398 hits)
The Last Remnant - Square's Unreal Engine 3 role-playing game (398 hits)
Neurohunter - official website (397 hits)
Black9 - science fiction RPG from Taldren (387 hits)
Word Of Chaos - 3D fantasy role-playing game (386 hits)
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - first-person fantasy action RPG (product page) (384 hits)
Neverend - fantasy RPG - homepage (383 hits)
D&D Heroes - Dungeons & Dragons themed action-adventure game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube (381 hits)
RPG Watch - Gaming News focused on RPGs (375 hits)
The Roots - new RPG from Cenega Publishing (373 hits)
Sabotain - futuristic action/RPG (372 hits)
Vaishvanara - The role playing model based on original Indian caste system. The player may choose of three classes that are matching to main castes used in Ancient India Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaishya. (371 hits)
A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars - epic science fiction first-person action RPG developed by SkyRiver Studios (368 hits)
Pompolic : Call for Heroes - action/RPG from Quotix Software (364 hits)
Fable 2 - homepage (364 hits)
Vault Network - Gaming news with an emphasis on RPG titles. (363 hits)
Desslock's RPG News - With previews, guides, editorials and mor on the hottest in RPG News (361 hits)
SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm - Phenomic's SpellForce 2 add-on (359 hits)
Feyna's Quest RPG - 2D side-scrolling RPG (356 hits)
Nightfall Dragons - 3D Action RPG by Digital Legends (354 hits)
Eschalon: Book I - official website (352 hits)
Legend: Hand of God - action/RPG (346 hits)
Paragon City Hall - City of Heroes fan site (343 hits)
Necrocide: The Dead Must Die - Necrocide: The Dead Must Die official site (340 hits)
Hammer & Sickle - official website (336 hits)
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Tweak Guide - This guide refers to the latest version of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Version 1.0.1. Make sure your refer back to this guide often for updates. (336 hits)
SpaceHack - sci-fi RPG/action title with Diablo-inspired gameplay mechanics (333 hits)
Mount&Blade - one of the most innovative RPGs I have seen in some time (332 hits)
Lethal Dreams: the Circle of Fate - 3D role-playing strategy game by Boolat Games (319 hits)
Twilight War: After the Fall - action role-playing game powered by the Source engine (317 hits)
Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows - official website (315 hits)
Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey's - Naval Action/RPG set in time of the American Civil War the time of last pirate renaissance on the Caribbean (312 hits)
Kastagore - Kastagore official site (304 hits)
Torchlight 2 - official website (304 hits)
Risen - fan-site for this action RPG (299 hits)
ExMachina - post apocalyptic RPG set up in an alternative future (297 hits)
Lost Legends - free fast-paced quest-driven fantasy action/RPG. (291 hits)
AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage - official website - action RPG (288 hits)
The Omega Project - classic RPG" project (285 hits)
Xenus - Xenus is not another 3D action game with some elements of RPG. It is really both RPG and action. Killing is not the goal of the game. Your goal is to find the sister, so you need to talk with many people to gather necessary information (282 hits)
Shadow Vault - offical website (publisher) (282 hits)
Beltion - role-playing game for PC (282 hits)
Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Drakensang brings back epic party-based RPG gameplay in a breathtakingly detailed world, based on one of the worlds biggest pen & paper franchises. With incredible eye for detail, the world of Aventuria comes alive on the PC in state-of-the-art 3D graphics that bring to life the epic vistas and stunning variety of this one-of-a-kind fantasy world (277 hits)
Day Watch - Sequel to the best selling Night Watch strategy blockbuster based on the ultra-successful Russian movie series. By the makers of Heroes of Might and Magic V, Blitzkrieg 2 and Silent Storm. (276 hits)
Space Hack - offical website (274 hits)
The Chosen: Well of Souls - official website (273 hits)
Cult - role-playing game by 3D People (269 hits)
The Lord of the Rings: White Council - LotR RPG (269 hits)
Requital - Primal Software's action/RPG. (263 hits)
El Matador - offical website (publisher) (262 hits)
Depths of Peril - Soldak Entertainment's mix of action RPG and strategic play involving shifting relations among barbarian factions (261 hits)
Nuclear Nightmare: Rise of the Fallen - post-nuclear single-player horror game with RPG element (259 hits)
Light in the Darkness - 3D: Fighting / Platform / RPG hybrid (250 hits)
Vampire World (formerly Vampire Story) - adventure/RPG by Mayhem Studios (250 hits)
Dawn - post-apocalyptic RPG (248 hits)
Heart of Eternity - official website (234 hits)
The Cult - isometric fantasy action role-playing game (232 hits)
Dungeon Delvers - roleplay cardgame (230 hits)
Dead State - The zombie RPG from Obsidian/Troika veteran Brian Mitsoda (230 hits)
The Roots - offical website (publisher) (228 hits)
Orient: A Hero's Heritage - first person real-time RPG (228 hits)
Nethergate - Resurrection - semi-historical RPG (remake) (228 hits)
Aurora - Aurora is a peer reviewed science fiction roleplaying game set in a world of real science. (225 hits)
Silver Fall - official website (developer) (225 hits)
Space Siege - official site (224 hits)
Space Siege - sci-fi action RPG from developer Gas Powered Games (223 hits)
Legend Forge: Your Destiny - throwback RPG from an indie developer called addiktive GAMING (222 hits)
Soul Quest - turn-based RPG strategy (214 hits)
Winterheart's Guild - action/RPG (214 hits)
Siverfall - Monte Cristo's RPG (212 hits)
Mythos - casual RPG by Flagship Seattle (211 hits)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine - product page (209 hits)
Hard to be a God - official site (209 hits)
Alpha Protocol - official forum (200 hits)
Elveon - official website (198 hits)
The Tales of Walenir - first-person RPG (197 hits)
Dungeon Runners - fast paced, action RPG experience where you take on the role of a brave hero and explore dangerous dungeons, battle ferocious monsters, and discover unique items! Your hero can adventure alone or team with a party to hunt terrible monsters and reap fantastic rewards. (191 hits)
Lightslayer v2.0 - Lightslayer is a first person action/role-playing game. A dark elven sorceress is missing, and her apprentice - you - must track her down. (191 hits)
TorchlightCam Mod for Torchlight - TorchlightCam is a stand alone application to enable camera control in latest Torchlight v1.15 game (much like the previous TorchCam tool did for previous Torchlight game versions). (180 hits)
Grotesque - official website (174 hits)
Pioneering - A first person RPG, Pioneering offers three open world campaigns to complete, each one featuring several missions and quests, along with a conscience meter that charts player morality (173 hits)
Mytheon - Petroglyph's online-enabled action-RPG (172 hits)
Dead Island: Riptide - RPG sequel (172 hits)
New Dawn - official site (171 hits)
Avernum VI - The epic conclusion of the award-winning Avernum series. Travel into the strange subterranean land of Avernum, full of dungeons, labyrinths, and constant warfare. A final set of disasters threatens to destroy your homeland in a spasm of famine and warfare. Only you can help your people to get to safety before everything falls apart. (171 hits)
Silvefall - homepage (169 hits)
The Chosen: Well of Souls Demo - action RPG developed by Rebelmind (165 hits)
The Witcher 2: Assassins - action/RPG sequel by CD Projekt RED (165 hits)
Dragon Age - Bioware RPG (162 hits)
Hinterland - game that combines RPG and strategic base-building gameplay (156 hits)
Torchlight - Diablo-esque title by Games--a studio composed of former Flagship/Blizzard refugees (155 hits)
The Project Gray - The Project Gray Company Website (154 hits)
Mass Effect 2 - official website (153 hits)
Venetica - old-timey RPG starring Scarlett, the daughter of Death (151 hits)
Hinterland: Orc Lords - updated version of Hinterland, Tilted Mill's strategic RPG (151 hits)
Two Worlds II - Reality Pump's RPG sequel for PC / Xbox 360 (151 hits)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - action RPG from 38 Studios' Big Huge Games (146 hits)
Mars - multiplatform action/RPG (145 hits)
Fable 3 - official website (145 hits)
X-Blades - Topware's hack-and-slash game (144 hits)
Lord of the Rings: War in the North - action RPG (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) developed by nowblind Studios, which made Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for consoles in 2001; Everquest console adaptations Champions of Norrath in 2004 and Champions: Return to Arms in 2005; superhero game Justice League Heroes in 2006; and most recently Death Tank for Xbox Live Arcade (143 hits)
Blades of Avernum Untried page. - official website (141 hits)
Vampire Hunters - horror-themed action/RPG (138 hits)
Risen 2: Dark Water - pirate-themed sequel to Risen (138 hits)
HoloNet - . The Old Republic Website also introduces the HoloNet, an in-game data network that will also be partially available online. Word is: "The HoloNet contains detailed records on classes, planets, factions, and a timeline of Old Republic History." (135 hits)
Din's Curse - co-op multiplayer action RPG with 141 class combinations, infinite number of dynamically generated towns, real consequences, and a dynamic, evolving world.. In Din's Curse, you will explore an extensive underground, slaying dangerous monsters, solving dynamic quests, dodging deadly traps, and in your spare time, plundering loot. The game features 141 class combinations and journey to an infinite number of dynamically generated towns with vastly different problems. (135 hits)
Dungeon Defenders - action RPG - The game puts players in the role of one of four distinct hero classes, tasked with fending off hordes of invading beasties by summoning Defenses & Traps throughout their lair. But as far more than just a strategy game, players can directly participate in combat with their characters, while upgrading their statistics, looting equipment, and gaining special abilities. All of this can be enjoyed in seamless online and local multiplayer, as players cooperate and compete to build the strongest heroes and achieve the highest scores. Combining the depth of strategic gaming with the satisfying action of building up your own character in a beautifully stylized fantasy setting, Dungeon Defenders is set to be a distinctly addictive, easy-to-play experience for everyone! (134 hits)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - single-player RPG (134 hits)
DeathSpank - hack-and-slash action RPG developed by famed game designer Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island) (132 hits)
Grim Dawn - action RPG by Crate Entertainment (Titan Quest ex-developers) (126 hits)
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale - downloadable co-operative action RPG. The game seems to be a Diablo-style hack-and-slash action RPG, which would be welcome news for gamers who loved the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games, which were also Diablo-style games based on D&D. (123 hits)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - open-world RPG (120 hits)
Kivi's Underworld - Kivi's Underworld is a casual, hack and slash game. Explore the mysterious underworld as a mighty Warrior battling opponents toe to toe, rain down fire on your enemies with the dangerous Fire Mage, sneak disguised with stealth to confound your foes as a Scout, unleash the fury of the Berserker, or adventure with any of the other numerous playable characters. (117 hits)
Path of Exile. - free-to-play action-RPG (114 hits)
Blood Magic: Time of Shadows - Time of Shadows is an add-on to the popular action RPG Blood Magic which now unveils its world of magic even further. Over hundred new spells, divided into 12 magic schools, bring fresh power to your fight against hordes of enemies as you stop their invasion. Follow your destiny and uncover the truth behind the sinister plot. As with Blood Magic you can again create unique combinations of spells which are especially useful in multiplayer mode. This system of magic is the most innovative ever seen in a modern RPG. Players can also compete in 2-person duels or in large arenas against many others in true melee combat. (112 hits)
The Dark Eye: Demonicon - action/RPG by The Games Company using the same "The Dark Eye" setting as Drakensang (111 hits)
NIER - Square Enix's Action-RPG game (PS3 / Xbox 360) (110 hits)
Mount & Blade Warband - action/RPG sequel (110 hits)
Darkspore - action RPG that combines Diablo-style dungeon crawling with character-customisation powered by the Spore creature-creator technology in a sci-fi setting (110 hits)
E.Y.E. - Streum On Studio's FPS / RPG (106 hits)
Cyberpunk 2077 - In Cyberpunk 2077, the player will be thrown into a dark future. The metropolis of Night City is a stage set to tell the tale of one individual, raised on the streets, who tries to lift himself up from the gutter and find a way to survive amongst boostergangs and megacorporations in a city of filth and sin. Drugs, violence, poverty and exclusion havent disappeared by 2077, as people stayed they were for centuries greedy, closed-minded and weak. But not only ghosts of the past trouble mankind, but new issues have appeared. Psychos go on rampages and the streets are filled with junkies addicted to a new form of entertainment the braindance, a cheap way to experience the emotions and stimuli of someone else, someone living a more exciting life. (97 hits)
Faith in Destiny Scenario 3: The Last Stand - a new DLC pack for SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny, the strategy/RPG sequel (96 hits)
The Red Solstice - squad-based coop Sci-Fi Strategy/RPG hybrid (82 hits)
Victor Vran - action/RPG (82 hits)
Risen 3: Titan Lords - A true classic European RPG, Risen 3 refuses to hold your hand. It gives players the freedom to explore the vast and beautiful world at their own pace. Engaging combat will test the player's skills and with a visually stunning environment, Risen 3: Titan Lords is a must-have title for RPG fans looking for a challenge (78 hits)
Bound By Flame - new heroic fantasy RPG developed by Spiders Studio, for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (71 hits)
Izle Alpha - sandbox role-playing game by Area Effect (61 hits)
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