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(directory up) #Genres - game titles
3D Blocks - really 3D Tetris-like puzzle game - Ultimate among the tetris-like 3D games. Amazing construction kit with preinstalled 10 fully functional semi-classic true 3D games with fresh variations. You can satisfy your need for training of spacial imagination, quick reaction and color sense. Strategic planning is necessary for your success, but don't too difficult to be tiresome. You can view game "well" from any angle that is suitable for your need. You can construct new fully 3D games from the scratch, set their laws and entertain friends worldwide with your creations. Support for 3D accelerators. Easily customizable Explorer-like interface, rich choice of colors and skins including 3D textures, you can naturally make your own skins or import existing. Suitable for kids from 6. Win95, 98 or NT 4.0. (6268 hits)
3D Lemmings - The suicidal superstars are back.....and this time it's a giant leap into a new dimension - the third! (5241 hits)
Lemmings Paintball - Negotiate your way through 100+ levels complete with the traditional array of brain-teasing puzzles, booby-traps, catapults and obstacles, your team must battle opponent lemmings teams in the attempt to capture their flags. (2933 hits)
Return Of The Incredible Machine: Contraptions - Return Of The Incredible Machine: Contraptions (2914 hits)
Lemmings Revolution - most recent addition to the Lemmings lineage (2836 hits)
Puzzle Bobble 2X - a funny puzzle game - more info (2522 hits)
Gruntz - A Puzzle Powered Brain Game! (2048 hits)
Ball Breaker 3D - Enter weird and colorful world of disappearing briks! (1664 hits) - sokoban ! The home of sokoban in the internet ! Everything about the puzzle game | Links about sokoban ... Free downloads ... sokoban related links (1404 hits)
Alhademic Balls - puzzle game with some arcade elements (1396 hits)
Austin Powers Operation Trivia - a large trivia game by Sierra (1200 hits)
Free Tetrix - Free Tetrix is an inviting clone of famous Tetris game (1191 hits)
Alhademic Lines - arrange colored balls on a board to form lines of balls having identical colors (1157 hits)
South Park Chef's Luv Shack v - puzzle (1133 hits)
Rubiks Games - 3d puzzle (1089 hits)
Flux - Flux oficial site (958 hits)
Qwirks - Stop The Outbreak Of Qwirks Before They Take Over In (875 hits)
Sheep - Sheep official homepage (824 hits)
TetrixMania - TetrixMania is an inviting clone of famous Tetris game with huge amount of improvements and with a lot of fun features. (780 hits)
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie - Bubble Bobble Nostalgie is actually another version of a fairly popular remake of the well-known game Bubble Bobble. The game looks like a story based on a virtually new scenario, newly developed graphics and music. In this game, the Little Dragon is going to stumble over a great bundle of bonuses and foes. The Dragon can become invisible to fight the monsters and can turn them into anything at his own will. (736 hits)
Alive! Jigsaw Free - A virtual jigsaw puzzle game with animated images, great 3D appearance and smooth movements. This game allows you to create and play jigsaw puzzles with your own videos and pictures. Alive! Jigsaw has options that make it suitable for kids and those who prefer less challenge (702 hits)
Live Wire - action puzzle game from SCI (698 hits)
Dream Day Wedding - Plan Jenny`s Dream Day Wedding in this unique seek-and-find adventure! (698 hits)
Super Scattergories repack - puzzle/board (677 hits)
Kudos - Kudos is an extremely addictive game that allows you to create and control your character`s entire life! You decide where they work, who they hang out with, and what they do to relax and grow their abilities. Do you want to be an astute athletic brainiac doctor? Or a carefree... (676 hits)
StrongGammon - StrongGammon is a classical board game - Backgammon. Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. A choice of opponents: human, computer or network game. Different skill levels. Adjustable skins (645 hits)
AquaPuzzle - AquaPuzzle Pentic 3.0 New release of popular puzzle game now in slightly 3D and with infinite number of levels. Added skins for the tiles and improved gameplay. (632 hits)
Hidden Expedition Titanic - On April 14, 1912, the great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and within hours, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. As part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League, it is your job to explore the wreckage of this once-majestic ship and collect antique artifacts for the Titanic... (630 hits)
PacBoy - Remake of a popular classic game, Pacman, in which you must eat all the pills on the maze to pass on to the next level. Breathtaking action, 50 levels, beautiful graphics, fine music and sound. Fun game for all the family. (620 hits)
Carrie the Caregiver - Carrie the Caregiver is an all-new adventure combining arcade action with thoughtful and elegant puzzle design. Things are getting crazy in the maternity ward, but Carrie, a recent nursing school graduate, has a strategy to keep the babies healthy and happy until they go home with their... (619 hits)
Funny Ball 2 - Funny Ball 2 - impressive puzzle you've never seen before! Great 3D rendered objects, smooth animations, cool features like skins and languages support. Moving blocks let the funny ball collect some coins and roll downhill to the escape hole. (558 hits)
Jigsaw puzzle: Jigsaws Galore - Powerful Jigsaw Utility - Powerful Jigsaw Player/Creator for Windows. Play and create jigsaw puzzles from 4 to 64,000 pieces. Sorts pieces by color and shape, arranging them around the edge if you wish. Alter piece size on the fly, no need to scroll, ever! Select difficulty level or number of pieces. Send self-contained gift jigsaws to your friends v4.0 is a major release with 3-D pieces and many new features. v4.3 fixes 3 minor bugs. (541 hits)
Bubble Strike - Bubble Strike is a remake of the classic lines game.There are a board with the different balls, you need to align the balls of same type into straight line and they will disappear. After each move three new balls are added to the game board. (526 hits)
Smart Lines - This four in a row game enhances the simple concept of aligning 4 balls of the same color, horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, by placing it in a full 3D playing board (509 hits)
interLOGIC - InterLOGIC game is based on an old Amiga logic game Balls. This is a graphically enhanced release of our project from 1999, and now, five years after initial release, it is made available to public (503 hits)
LIGHTHOUSE LUNACY - Boost your problem solving skill in this innovative mix of the world's first video game puzzle (which one? it's in the game!) and old school platform jumping (502 hits)
Alhademic Pocket Lines - Alhademic Pocket Lines is a charming mind game where you arrange colored balls on a board to form lines of balls having identical colors. (502 hits)
3D Soma Puzzle - 3D Soma Puzzle is a three-dimensional logic game that challenges you to assemble various figures with the colored irregular blocks. The puzzle seems to be simple but great variety of solutions for each shape (the simplest figure - cube can be solved by 240 essentially different methods) makes it really challenging (486 hits)
Pentic - Pentie is mind-challenging color puzzle game for kids and adults (480 hits)
Pop-A-Holic - action-puzzle game (452 hits)
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game - offical website (442 hits)
Brixout XP - Brixout XP is the best fast-action block-smashing 3D game of the Arkanoid and Breakout family. The game features outstanding 32-bit graphics, an advanced 3D engine, original soundtrack, over 80 unique levels, 20+ power-ups and a multiplayer mode. (441 hits)
Big2.NET - Internet Big2 Card Game - An addictive and unsurpassed internet big2 card game. The rules are easy to learn especially for people who know how to play poker. The chat room supports up to 20 people with unicode and multiple-colour support. By far the best big2 internet client available. (433 hits)
Sokoban Pro - Sokoban PRO is an excellent clone of classical computer game 'Sokoban'. It's a full screen game. The puzzles are screen big. A game of smooth graphics. Each level loads after previous one. (424 hits)
Amazing Kye - a set of 50 challenging puzzles of increasing difficulty. Learn to 'think outside the box' as you strive to solve each one. (421 hits)
Coolumns Classic - It is a new fine clone of the best seller Collapse game (420 hits)
Turtle Odyssey 2.0 - new action-packed adventure (410 hits)
ArkanDROID - ArkanDROID is a modern arcade game based on the main idea of the classic Arkanoid, which is extremely simple: bounce the balls by the paddle and destroy all the bricks, level by level, picking up bonuses by the way. (408 hits)
CASTLES - If you like such eminent games as Castle,Scorch tanks, Worms this game is just for you. You are a castle owner and you start a bloody duel with other castle owners. For destroyed castles you receive some money. Then you will be able to buy new weapons and continue the game. (398 hits)
Chicken Shoot - arcade shooter (386 hits)
Colored Cat, Inc. - Simple logic game. Task: Serially with the computer, choose some color to grasp the larger area. After you will choose color, the blocks of this color will adjoin your territory. (381 hits)
Krakout - Remake of a classic Arkanoid style game. Destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the playing field. Some bricks will give you special powerups such as missiles, gun, long or double pad, and many more. (374 hits)
CellFighter 2.02 - Like the real life, CellFighter incorporates features from action, strategy and puzzle games. Off-the-shelf "battlefields" provide you with a wide choice of game goals: destroying one colony of germs by adding germs to another colony; struggle for life, space or food; suppressing aggressiveness of the enemy life sources ; and so on (370 hits)
Formula One Betting Game - A new exciting Formula One Game. Guess the first 6 drivers (368 hits)
Beezzle! - Each stage consists of a honeycomb packed with different colors of nectar. In Beezzle's brain-teasing Puzzle Mode, you must turn one or more pupae into adult workers by guiding them to the honey they need to grow. You help the young insects reach the wholesome nourishment by swapping them with adjacent nectar drops and creating matches of three or more objects of the same color. (348 hits)
Paradoxion - The playing field has orbs of various colors scattered around. To clear orbs, player has to place three of them in a row. But, unlike other puzzles,in Paradoxion the order of placing orbs is essential, because it determines the direction of explosion, which pushes other orbs. (340 hits)
Magic Sokoban Gold - Magic Sokoban is a classical Japanese puzzle game. Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. 3D Sound. Easy game control, mouse use only. Unlimited undo. Save, Load a game. More 100 levels. Requires 3D Accelerator. (337 hits)
Motorama - Unlike racing simulations, Motorama is almost like a puzzle game, where deciding where you give it the gas and how to position your landing creates the best strategy to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. (334 hits)
Ice Puzzle Deluxe v2.0 - Puzzle is a new game in which you drag rows and columns of sparkling gems in order to create groups of three or more of the same precious stone. As you create matches, you thaw out dolphins, polar bears and other animals encased in ice. (330 hits)
Jezzball Deluxe - This is a totally new kind of a remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix game (320 hits)
Christmas Puzzles 2002 - Christmas Puzzles - two highly popular in it's own right games now in special celebration packaging! (318 hits)
Magic Gem - Instead of colored balls and geometric figures in this game you would have to collect gems. You would build up the chains from three or more stones of one color, after that they would disappear and clear the play-field for the new gems, that are falling from above. (308 hits)
'WE' Group - Remake of Arkanoid game. Destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the playing field. Some bricks will give you special powerups such as missiles, gun, long or double pad, and many more! Also, you will get additional points by hitting monsters (306 hits)
Inspector Parker - Inspector Parker, guides you through ten levels in Career mode. Or, if you prefer, pick your favorite level and play it over and over in three difficulty settings - Easy, Medium and Deadly. Play in Puzzle mode for thoughtful deduction or race the clock in Timed mode. (304 hits)
BubbleWorld - puzzle game where the fairy Cindy have to save all her friends trapped in the Bubbles by the evil spell cast by the Witch Makeeba. (303 hits)
Hunt On Foxes - Are you a minesweeper maniac? Then you've got to check out this game (301 hits)
Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2 - 60 all-new regular levels + 30 all-new levels for kids (297 hits)
Rainbow Web - The trick of this game is to go through 60 scenes, where you must solve a puzzle and restore the original name of the scene (296 hits)
Great Escapes Solitaire - Escape into 12 fun-filled games of solitaire featuring unlockable card designs and gorgeous customizable themes. With full tutorials for each game type, you can play your old favorites, or find new favorites! From Pyramid to Easy Klondike to First Class Solitaire. Great Escapes Solitaire... (284 hits)
Fishdom - unique mix of two very popular casual game genres: sim and puzzle. Players get a unique chance to build up their own dream aquarium and fill it with lovely sim fishies and eye-catching ornaments. To do that they need to progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzles. (284 hits)
Jewel of Atlantis - action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style gameplay mayhem. (279 hits)
Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean - Want to be a Great Pirate Captain? Ok, here is your chance. Attack enemy ships, earn gold, upgrade your fort, buy new weapons, or even take Great White Shark under your control.. (267 hits)
Cyclanoid / AlterJig / Abc Puzzles - This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. (263 hits)
ZombieBall - Be prepared for heroic adventures, guide the little hero through mystic levels filled with beasties, silly beasties, bats that bark, bubs, monsters, ghosts and grave danger. Take it easy, you've got the power of the ZombieBall to defeat the dark! (263 hits)
Magecom - Excellent arcade game with 3D graphic. The primary aim of the game is to destroy the Emperor who has declared war to the whole mankind. Different bonuses and weapons are destined to help you with this arduous task (256 hits)
Merry Motors 1.2 - The program includes 27 edutainment games and exercises. The main characters of the games are nine machines: a submarine, a ship, a helicopter, a plane, a truck, a taxi, a bus, a tram and a steam locomotive which live in the town of cars (255 hits)
Cuboingo - Cuboingo is a game for the entire family promoting fun, adrenaline rushes, light-hearted competition and a variety of critical thinking skills including abstract visualization, memory usage & development, hand-eye coordination and color/pattern recognition. (254 hits)
Fiber Twig 2 - Meet a new game with intriguing characters and challenging puzzles - the long-awaited sequel to Fiber Twig. Help the lovely inhabitants of the fairy kingdom. (253 hits)
Arctic Quest - In Arctic Quest from Alawar Entertainment, you set out to solve the puzzles, each of which takes the shape of an animal or other tropical wonder (251 hits)
Gold Frog - offical website (249 hits)
DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold - Beethro Budkin's adventures continue in this much-anticipated seque (233 hits)
Palabra - Palabra is a creative mix of words and poker, with double and triple scoring cards that multiply upon each other and multiply your score by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18--whatever. Stuck with a "Q," an "X," or a "Z?" Don't make a word. Put them in a flush or a straight. Did your opponent just make a 300 point combination? Don't fret. Cancel it with the "joker." Or "shave" it, and steal any part of it for yourself. That's Palabra. Words, Poker . . . and So Much More. A Variety of Ways to Score. (229 hits)
The Mighty Muddles - "The Mighty Muddles" is a challenging yet relaxing game in which you unscramble lines of quoted text that have been "muddled" up with random letters. It's easy to understand gameplay, relaxing music and fun graphics will have you hooked in no time, eager to solve "just one more puzzle". (229 hits)
Sunny Games - Designed specially for gamers of all ages, the site features extensive detail on the existing games, freebies and exclusive information about games in development (Bugix: Adventures on the flying islands, Brixout XP..) (223 hits)
Fiber Twig - Give free rein to your imagination in the fantasy forest full of puzzles and mysteries. Connect cute little twigs to restore the original pattern, which was destroyed by the hurricane, and get a beautiful picture at the end of the level. (220 hits)
Finlay's Fathoms - Finlayís Fathoms is an action adventure of oceanic proportions (219 hits)
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - just-announced puzzler (218 hits)
Brave Dwarves Back for Treasures - offical website (214 hits)
Brain Gym 2 - Brain Gym 2 is a brain bending puzzle game collection for Pocket PC. It includes 4 games of absolutely different genres with original idea. (213 hits)
GripShift - innovative puzzle-platform-driving-action for PSP (212 hits)
ClaySide - spectacular action puzzle (208 hits)
Revolved - fast paced, action oriented puzzle game (207 hits)
Kakuro Epic - Play and solve kakuro puzzles on your PC (207 hits)
Tetpic 5000 - remake of Tetris (206 hits)
3DNauta - New spatial problem-game (3d) with many diferents degrees of dificulty. With English, French and Spanish version (205 hits)
Frostworks - 5th ball is a new beautiful logic game from Frostworks. The goal of the game is to create maximum amount of lines joining five balls. The game offers five gametables with its own unique structure made up on basis of logical combinations. (205 hits)
Crime Puzzle - Immerge into the mystery-solving adventure. Travel around the world collecting the clues to solve mystery of missing stamps (204 hits)
Feyruna - Fairy Forest - Meet friendly creatures like butterflies, ghost lights and enchanted glow-worms, which will help you to drive away the dark forces. (203 hits)
Pac-Manic Worlds 3D - offical website (202 hits)
Fashion Cents - innovative and highly addictive dress-up game (200 hits)
Runic One - Simple as a wag of a tail, yet challenging as well, this gracefully designed puzzle will certainly become your pet. Fill the mosaics with colorful tiles and restore the unique objects of the ancient land (200 hits)
DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon - This is where Beethro's delvings really got started. Go deep into King Dugan's dungeon, solving puzzles and fighting monsters. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to complete. There are hundreds of rooms to explore and each is a handcrafted challenge. (200 hits)
Puzzle Cubes Invasion - new rotate-and-match puzzle game (198 hits)
Frootz - Enjoy over 100 puzzling levels (195 hits)
Zodiac Tower - Explore ancient Zodiac Tower and solve its puzzles in this original adventure. In this game you will be able to become an astrologer by taking a long trip to reach edge of the world, a place where ancient Zodiac Tower holds sacred knowledge and wisdom. Rumour said there are parts of mysterious ancient mechanism hidden somewhere across tower that will allow people to travel to the moon and distant stars! (195 hits)
King of the Ball - arcade 3D game, you have to steer a paddle and break bricks with cool new features (194 hits)
Three Cards To Midnight - game from Chris Jones and Aaron Conners, co-creators of the Tex Murphy series. The site offers a teaser trailer, screenshots, an audio interview with Jones and Conners, and more info on the game's Tarot card-themed myste (194 hits)
Invader Worm - olficial website (193 hits)
Celestian Mage - fun little puzzle game (193 hits)
Pentagraph - combination of word puzzle and role playing game (191 hits)
Dodge That Anvil! - The sky is falling! Eastwarren's rabbits have been forced underground, and only one brave harvester stands between them and starvation. Travel through bountiful fields while unraveling the mystery of the perilous anvil storm. Be clever, be quick, and dodge that anvil! (189 hits)
PathStorm - You know where it went in. You know where it came out... but how did it get there? Roll a ball through covered pathways watching and listening carefully for any kind of movement. Did the ball just hit a Bouncer and then a Splitter right there and there? Perfect! Thatís one path down, and a whole bunch more to go! Welcome to the world of Pathstorm! (188 hits)
Chick-A-Droid - an original puzzle concept, packed into a funny, board-like PC-game (187 hits)
Mind concentration games - Educational math software for school or personal. 4 elementary math action covering math with numbers, fractions, decimals (185 hits)
Quizland - With a database of over 1500 different questions, there's enough for anyone! You have 15 seconds of time to answer correctly to each questions (182 hits)
Switchball - physics-based puzzle game, in which you control a ball which can push things around to solve the puzzles (179 hits)
Acky's XP Breakout v2.0 - arkanoid game you engage 150 action filled levels while trying to unlock XP Mode. (178 hits)
Rainbow Mystery - Join Lily on her quest to break the curse in the swap-and-match puzzle. Some time passes and the evil wizards turn the Rainbow World into a tainted landscape. But Lily is determined to bring life and color into this world again. Help Lily solve puzzles on her way while keeping an eye out for powerful trophies. (175 hits)
Rainbow Mystery - The goal of the game is to break the curse plaguing the Rainbow lands. You do this by solving puzzles as your travel through this country. To solve a puzzle, you should swap and match flowers to make a line of more than three flowers that explode, adding to your score. The more flowers explode at one click, the greater your score grows. Additional challenge comes with colored cells that some flowers sit on. (169 hits)
Hazard Ball - retro style 2D game (164 hits)
Barrel Mania - Acton/logic game similar to the Incredible Machine (162 hits)
Arithmogriph 2.0 - logic training electronic puzzle - the program generates mathematical puzzles that can be solved by thinking logically (160 hits)
Balance - Balance is reminiscent of the wooden board game Labyrinth where players steer a ball through a maze to a target (160 hits)
Boxy Goxy v1.2 - It offers logic puzzles of different complexity on 3D backgrounds as parts of a single rescue plot (158 hits)
Gobliiins 4 - Pierre Gilhodes, one of the creators of the original Goblins series of quests, kept silence for more than 10 years - drawing comic books, and also drawing a conclusion that the world has forgotten how to make funny and clever quests. In 2006, Pierre lost his patience and decided to return Goblins into the world of computer games. He teamed up with a small studio from south of France, Soci√©t√© Pollene, and with an independent production fund from Moscow, Snowberry Connection, to work on Gobliiins 4. In this forth chapter, the game returns to where it all began: the main characters are the three goblins, each a unique personality with his own set of skills. Tchoup can pick items and keep them in his pockets, and he's a detective. His friend Stucco is not as good at the deductive reasoning (to be honest, he's not good at all!) ‚ÄĒ but he is strong enough to do lifting and climbing. The third goblin, Perlius, is the one with the magic powers and a dark sense of humor. (129 hits)
Gaia 3D Puzzle - This 3D jigsaw puzzle game allows players to play jigsaw puzzles on their computer by selecting their favorite images and the number of pieces. The 3D view creates a totally immersive playing experience like a real puzzle game. (118 hits)
Life Goes On - A comically morbid game about heroic knights, teamwork, and using dead bodies to solve puzzles, Life Goes On launches today for PC, Mac, and Linux. (103 hits)
Schein - challenging puzzle platformer that tells the story of a desperate man, who ventures forth into the mystical swamp in search of his missing son. As he gets lost in the darkness, a wisp appears that offers him help, guidance, and its magical power: A light that changes the world. Use this mighty power and your wits to unveil new dimensions, defeat deadly beasts, solve tricky puzzles and uncover hidden paths through the murky swamp (97 hits)
Gyromancer - cool puzzle/RPG hybrid that uses Bejeweled Twist's game mechanic at the heart of its battle system. (93 hits)
Rochard - Rochard is a game where manipulating gravity and using the G-Lifter (a gravity device used to easily move weighty objects around) are crucial elements for success. With the help of his sci-fi mining tools and taking advantage of the laws of physics, the protagonist John Rochard will carry you through a game packed with puzzles, action, humor, great music, excellent level design and a story rich of twists. (87 hits)
Apotheon - Apotheon is a heroic action game set within the vibrant world of Ancient Greek Mythology. Ascend Mount Olympus, wrestle the divine powers from the Pantheon of Gods, and save mankind.. (70 hits)

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