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PREY - Only Yu Can Save the
AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Ed
Vulkan will officially suppo
Star Citizen Swapping DX12 f
Turok 2 Remaster Now Availab
ClawHunter:Vol.4 :Pre-Alpha
Escape from Tarkov screensho
Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017
New processors will only wor
AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs to Launch A
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - st
Nintendo Switch Is 10x More
BF1 They Shall Not Pass - Ga
Cosplay Mega Montage from PA
Reflex Arena Released
The Keep - Trailer (Steam)
Denuvo prevents benchmarkers
Friday the 13th: The Game -
Carmack Suing ZeniMax for 22
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Ga

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FlightSim Systems - Flight simulation software and hardware. Offering a full line of products including CH products, USB yoke, pedals, throttles, Microsoft flight simulator 2000 and more. (3450 hits)
Drivers HQ - If you can not find a driver this is the place for you (3006 hits)
G256 - Riva 128 / TNT / TNT2 / G256 news (2146 hits)
CPU Central - your source for x86 information, overclocking & more (2102 hits)
3D Sound Surge - sound cards news, reviews, benchmarks, drivers & more (1990 hits)
Planet GeForce - GeForce news site (1951 hits)
TOM`S HARDWARE GUIDE - Motherboard, CPU, Video, Chipset, RAM, Hardisk, Bios, (1800 hits)
Overclockers.Com - site dedicated 4 overclocking, cooling & other cool hw nfo (1738 hits)
Riva 3D - source of news about nVidia chipsets.... (1695 hits)
Tweak 3D - overclockers & other hw resources (1659 hits)
RivaRave - RIVA chip page - news, drivers, reviews, links, hints & more (1562 hits)
CPU Review - hw & overclocking news & other stuff (1547 hits)
Benchmark Resources - all benchmark news & more (1497 hits)
Glide Underground - wanna play glide games on non 3dfx cards ? (1457 hits)
Bjorn3D - A great source for Rendition information, including updated drivers, patches ... (1363 hits)
FullOn3D - all about 3D & gaming HW (1340 hits) - all for 3dfx - news, previews, patches, utilities, pics, screensavers. (1329 hits)
Hardware2 - hardware news, reviews, previews, tips, downloads (1295 hits)
Hardware Central - hw news, reviews, tips & more (1250 hits)
HotHardware - news, reviews & more (1186 hits)
IFM Projects B.V. Voodoo support page - Quick support & files, drivers, tools, tests, demo's 3Dfx, demo games, patches, technical support. (1156 hits)
PC Guide - HW & SW hints and tips for pc makers... (1142 hits)
The Tech Zone - computer hardware news (1108 hits)
G200 - Matrox Gaming on G Series (1106 hits)
Ace`s Hardware - hw news, linx & tips (1085 hits)
RivaZone - Riva 128 News and Info (1081 hits) - oc news, reviews & hints (1072 hits)
BootNet - Reviews, Hints and Tips for HW (1034 hits)
RivaExtreme - news site dedicated to riva cards (1030 hits)
System optimization - hardware news, specialty hardware & books... (1021 hits)
Hardware One - complette hw resources, benchmarks & more (1016 hits)
AnandTech - Overclocking and hot reviews of new products (1007 hits)
PC Velocity - hw & gaming news and reviews (992 hits)
SpaceOrb - ANY Joystick or GamePad With 6D Motion Control - GUARANTEED! (987 hits) device drivers - Almost 1,000 drivers to choose from already and updated daily... (983 hits)
Free Codecs - plethora of codecs (931 hits)
Audio Software - CD Mastering Software - CD/DVD Mastering Software - Diagnostic / Utility / Duplication Software - DVD Movie Software - File Sharing Software - section at CDFreak (921 hits)
PlanetHardware - latest hw news (912 hits)
HardOCP - Overclocking, tips, reviews & more (908 hits)
Maximum PC - hw news, previews & reviews.... (901 hits)
PC Audio Review - sound cards news, reviews, benchmarks, links & more (901 hits)
Pfuscher`s Techware - hardware & projects (874 hits)
Beyond3D - Unbiased reviews of and critical comments on todays 3D Hardware. (869 hits)
Cyrellis - 3D games & hardware - news, files, specials ... (869 hits)
iXBT Hardware - hw news, reviews & more (852 hits)
Overclocker`s WorkBench - OC news & other important things (841 hits)
ReviewZone - hw reviews & news site (834 hits)
Real 3D - all what you need know about 3D cards (830 hits)
RivaStation - RIVA fan page (809 hits)
NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers - download (805 hits)
Heatsink-Guide - All about PC cooling (802 hits)
CPU Maddnes - not excellent site about cpu`s & HW (801 hits)
AquaMark 3 - benchmark based on Aquanox game engine (791 hits)
Sidewinder site - The site includes the latest Sidewinder news, product photos, usage tips, profiles, FAQs, technical support and more (791 hits)
KILLERAPP - computer price guide (781 hits)
Benchtest - oc & others hw resources (779 hits)
Sharky Extreme - hardware news & reviews.... (767 hits)
Price Comparison Guide - From comparing prices from our more than 250 resellers, Daily Lucky Draw, Polls, Special Offers from Reseller, Hot Deals, Link to our more than 20 partners sites etc.. (766 hits)
TR's CPU decoder ring - The following chart lists a large number of processors, and gives you just about all the pertinent details of each one. Wondering exactly what the differences are between the two types of Athlon XP 3000+, or what the heck a Pentium 4 550 is? (754 hits)
Hardware Group - Very good site with mailing list - some about overclocking & other (744 hits)
Cool Info - Daily Computer & Gaming News (733 hits)
m.u.r.c - Matrox Users Resource Centre (726 hits)
PC AV Tech - hardware reviews & tests page (723 hits)
Game Armor - save your hand in Q2 fights... (703 hits)
XNA Game Studio Express - XNA Game Studio Express is a new game development solution targeted primarily at students, hobbyists, and independent game developers. XNA Game Studio Express is based on Visual C# Express 2005 and lets developers create games for both Windows and Xbox 360. XNA Game Studio Express contains the following: (693 hits)
HPC Hardware Guide - information on performance computer hardware (690 hits)
Overclockers Australia - Australia OC site (687 hits)
ATI CATALYST Drivers - download (678 hits)
TechAmok - Independent Technology News (661 hits)
ARS Technica - The PC enthusiast's resource (658 hits)
PowerVR Network - dedicated for PowerVR owners (607 hits)
TweakHound's Super XP Tweaking Guide - This guide is all about optimizing XP (594 hits)
SysOp`s Solutions - hw news, reviews, overclocking & more (591 hits)
Purified 3D - Canopus & 3Dfx News (552 hits)
Doomsday Engine - Windows/Unix/Mac OS X source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen. Lets you enjoy the original games using modern technology. Supports e.g. OpenGL, Direct3D, DirectSound3D, 3D models, unlimited framerate, high-resolution graphics, simulated radiosity (521 hits)
VooDoo Files - Everything for Voodoo 2/3/4/5 cards ~ Drivers, Tweaks, Fixes... (505 hits)
CDFreaks - world's largest CD/DVD community (493 hits)
TrustedReviews - hardware reviews (482 hits)
DirectX 9.0c Redistributable - download (468 hits)
Driver Files - search for the device driver you need (437 hits)
FPSCreator X10 - This new version includes support for Windows Vista and DirectX10 (433 hits)
List of Live CDs with Linux - The purpose of this page is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-search list of all available Linux-based Live CDs. (396 hits)
SCUMM Interpreter - It allows you to play your old LucasArts adventures on non-MS systems and/or recent hardware, and requires the original media to play. (369 hits)
Spyware Warrior - Here you'll find a wealth of resources to help you fight spyware and adware (350 hits)
Mikhailtech - computer hardware news, reviews, discussions, and more (343 hits)
BenchMark Reviews - Computer hardware, guides, and news. (336 hits)
Windows Vista FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Answered (331 hits)
ALchemy For Vista - Microsoft's new Vista OS removes the hardware audio abstraction layer, resulting in issues with some EAX and DirectSound3D games (usually resulting in stereo output without any effects). ALchemy takes DS3D and EAX calls and translates them into OpenAL calls. The ALchemy requires a SB X-Fi series of soundcard with native OpenAL 1.1 Support. (328 hits)
Contractors Of Gearbox Software (COGS) program - paid game development internship that can lead to a career in the industry (237 hits)
iAppHacks.Net - iAppHacks.Net IOS - iPhone Android Game Cheats,iPad & iPod touch game hacks, glitches, cheat codes, guides and walkthroughs. (221 hits)
Creative Labs ALchemy v1.2.0.4 - For the unfamiliar, here's what Alchemy provides: "the Creative ALchemy Project allows you to run your favorite DirectSound3D games on Windows Vista as the developers intended - with full hardware accelerated 3D Audio and EAX support." (214 hits)
OpenGL 4.0 - significant update to the most widely adopted 2D and 3D graphics API, and includes the GLSL 4.00 update to the OpenGL Shading language allowing developers to access the latest generation of GPU acceleration." There's an article about this on CNET News (thanks Mike Martinez) relating Khronos' claims that "OpenGL 4.0 exposes the same level of capability of GPUs as DirectX 11 (208 hits)
Open Source Kinect Drivers Released for PC - source code (181 hits)
SMS Receive Free - Receive SMS online for FREE, without Registration and without use your personal phone number.Numbers from United Kingdom, Romania ,United States,Spain ... (69 hits)
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